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Who Are your Player after the first year???

Mine Are:
Orene Ai'i-New Zealand-FB,FH,CT
Lucas Ostiglia-Argentina-FL
Created Player-Argentina-FL-FH-SH(MESELF)

who should i get for n5 in the first season??????
I'm up to my 3rd season and made up to division 1. Heres my team

1 B.Young
2 Mealamu
3 P.Vickery
4 M.Johnson
5 C.Jack
6 G.Smith
7 McCaw
8 Katalau
9 Davies
10 ME
11 Caucau
12 O'Driscoll
13 T.Umaga
14 Nawali
15 J.Robinson

I'm gonna buy Howleet and Pichot when i get some trade points

Edit: Opps sorry, didnt know u wanted first season. My 5 players i bought in first season were. ME, Caucau, B.Young, Mealamu and Robinson
cool...playd the demo for the first time...i gotta say its awesome(and thats from a seasoned jonah lomu veteran
)....hows it so far?....getting boring or what?

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