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  1. Well I thought it would be interesting to start a little world league thread about everyones campaign. So Everyone make a post about your campaign and when new things arise edit it and post updated news.
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  3. Well ym campaign started off with a really crappy loss to Cardiff. I am playing as Benetton Treviso and I was playing like ****. Cardiff ended up beating me 20-3 so my opening game was not very good. Next came my knockout cup round 1 game where I managed to beat Cardiff 12-3 (Eat that). After losing a couple of more games in the season I finally won one and my league record was now 1-3. I decided it was time to acquire a kicker so I won another game and then acquired Aaron mauger from the Crusaders. This has allowed me to go further weith my team as I am often kicking for territorial advantage. I am now 5-3 and am in a position now to possibly win division 3 my first season providing I can win my next 3 games and Perpignan, Ulster, and Bourgoin all manage to lose a game. I have also acquired nic henderson from the brumbies to bolster my forwards and my scrum.
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    TheDell Guest

    I believe I have put together the best team possible. I beat Leicester 81-0 with 5 minute halves. I win nearly every linout against the throw now. I use substitutes often, so I reduce the amount of injuries. Let me know if you think I've missed any great players.

    1. R. Corrigan PR
    2. B.Cannon HK
    3. B.Young PR
    4. Chris Jack SR
    5. M. Johnson SR ©
    6. G.Smith FL
    7. S.Burger FL
    8. S. Quinnell N8
    9. P.Stringer
    10. G. Henson
    11. D. Howlett
    12. B. O’Driscoll
    13. R. Caucau
    14. L. Tuquiri
    15. M. Burke (k)

    16. J.Hayes. PR
    17. P. Waugh FL
    18. J. Paul HK
    19. S. Murray SR
    20. A. Pichot SH
    21. M. Giteau CT
    22. D. Herbert CT
    23. C. Rathbone WG
  5. Confused

    Confused Guest

    I used a bunch of the tips spelled out in the "help in WL hard" thread and I lost my first match 10-8 to Cardiff. Damn. But It was better than the 30-0 ass-whoopin the first time I played. Kicking more is helping. katalau scored my only try on a sweet blindside #8 pick. Cardiff scored two tries and missed the conversions. Heffler got me a nice drop goal, but then i couldn't score anymore. A 10-8 loss that i will take. Hey, I earned a trade point. I am saving up for maybe Howlett.

    Do any of you have good ideas for who to put as your initial starting 15?

    But than crap i lost 25-7 to Cardiff in the knockout, but another point for me.

    And then what happened? I beat Brescia 15-5. Davies and Damm with Tries and Heffler with a conversion and a penalty kick. Davies on a #9 blindside and Damm on a set play crash from #15. Beautiful. More points for me!!!!

    I lost a match and then beat Newport G. Nice. I bought the Japanese Wing/CT because Nawali got hurt. I don't know how long he will be out, but missing his speed hurts.

    So I finished off the season in 7th and then picked up a created player (me) to play center/wing. I didn't make him over 90 speed and he sucks at kicking just like me.

    Second season I split my first two WL games and picked up Paterson to have some speed at #10 and a better kicker. I lost my secong knockout game, but i'm now 6-1 and in first place but my speedster (the Japanese winger got hurt and I barely squeeked out the last game. I may have to buy some more speed depending on how long he is injured.
  6. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I'll take that team.....

    and raise you...hehe....(nah your team is good)

    3rd div, 2nd div, 1st div champs and two-time knockout trophy holders - season 5:

    1 Bill Young
    2 Jeremy Paul
    3 T Woodman
    4 Naevo
    5 Matfield
    6 Burger
    7 Smith
    8 Van Niekirk
    9 Pichot
    10 Wilkinson (k)
    11 Caucaunibuca
    12 Me (created)
    13 BOD ©
    14 Howlett
    15 Robinson

    reserves include: Tuilevu, Onohato (98 pace), Os Du Randt, Stringer

    rock n roll!!

    tip for beating hard level WL...

    use the skillz brothers!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Confused

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    I like this thread. I am now in 7th place. Not bad for my first year.
  8. ive got:

    12)??? to get as soon as i decide
    14)that kicking jap winger

    a question: in the trophy cabnet, does it have your trophy for each division, or does it update itself?
  9. Confused

    Confused Guest

    Okay I am starting my second season and the only guy i have bought is Omahatu (or whatever) but i have 32 trade points. i just won my first game.
  10. Los Lover

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    Buy Howlett......

    I think he might be a tiny bit more though.... [​IMG]

    be patient...then with your good player - build a run at the top position.

  11. Los Lover

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    Oh no sambad5,.....!!


    Remember what I said about saving to profile before quiting...not just saving the tourno and then saving to profile later!!


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    my WL team

    2-a.oliver(on stats)
    8-l.dallaglio(dont know how to spell his name)


    haven't lost or scored against since!
  13. jimmy44

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  14. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    I have pretty good team in my first season in DIV II. am wimming 2/3 of my matches and I have 2 straight wins in knockout cup.

    I ponied up for Paterson, Murray (SR Scotland) one of the japanese wingers (Ohahuto) thanks to the post about what a good value he is, myself at center (created) and my buddy at hooker (created) as well as some prop for 27 points who I can't remember his name (Tamulo or something).

    Paterson has been a huge difference maker for me. He scores tries, kicks decently, and gets me a lot more loose balls than I was getting. Murray was also key to winning lineouts. Ohahuto (or whatever) is balls out!!! The guy can straight fly. He scored a try off a kick where I think I reversed field at least four times and must've run him 300m. Haven't noticed much difference with my created hooker, the prop has helped defense but didn't make a huge impact that was immediately noticeable, and I have decent speed and I create some knocks with hard tackles.

    Honorable mention goes to the role-players such as Damm, McCarthy, Smith, Evans, Nawali, and Crossland who play pretty damn well.

    I have my third knockout game coming up and Paterson just got hurt. Nawali is hurt too so I am sucking for speed. I have plenty of points but I have a lot of maintenance too. I want to buy a quick injection of speed to hold me over until I get Nawali and Paterson back, but I don't want to drive my maintenance cost above what I can afford. I think I might try to find a FB with about high 80s speed.

    Thanks to all you who have posted help with hard mode. I am now addicted to the game again and only want to play on normal to fill the trophy case. I'll let the 8 year-old neighbor kid fill my easy trophy case.
  15. My finalised team is...........

    1. Phil Vickery
    2. Steve Thompson
    3. Tom Smith
    4. Martin Johnson
    5. Chris Jack
    6. George Smith
    7. Richie McCaw
    8. Lawrence Dallaglio

    9. Augustine Pichot
    10. Stephen Larkham

    11. Caucau
    12. Jonny Wilkinson
    13. Brian O'Driscoll
    14. Doug Howlett
    15. Jason Robinson

    16. Trevor Woodman
    17. Kevin Mealamu
    18. Victor Matfield
    19. Schalk Burger
    20. Matt Dawson
    21. Carlos Spencer
    22. Bruce Reihana

    Any thoughts?
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