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07 Bondi Rugby Tournament Invite



G'day Social and Expat Rugby players worldwide,
On behalf of the Woollahra Colleagues Rugby Club and indeed on behalf of all of Australia,
(except for the crocodile hunter who is dead - but i'm sure he would've wanted you there anyway)
I would like to invite you to compete (or maybe just 'participate' if too hungover) in the 2007 Bondi rugby Tens in Sydney.
Are you hard up for tour ideas for your local team next year?
More importantly, is year team primarily composed of useless fat sh*t s intent on mindless consumption of volumes of alcohol in a pathetic attempt to recapture the faded glory of your youth?
The Bondi Tens is a not-for-profit social tournament put on for charity and just to generally have a rucking good time.
The primary focus is beer, cheating at Rugby, beer, meeting social and expat teams from around the globe, beer, increasing Rugby's profile and of course we shouldn't forget drinking beer.
If you and your team aspire to be a part of the living legend that is the Asian 10's tournament circuit, taking in Manila, Bali, Phuket and more, or if you have already lived the dream and are hungry for more - get up off your ar$e$ and register your interest!
See last years event at bonditens.com.au or email [email protected].
Seriously, We hope to see Rugby teams of all levels coming from all around the world to participate in the tournament & it will be a great opportunity to meet up with old team mates from overseas. The standard of Rugby we play may not be 'champagne' but it is definitely pi$$ of some form!
So come along and enjoy our hospitality! (feel free to pass this invite along to any teams you normally compete with and give em a good trouncing)
PS Did I mention there will be be beer?

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