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20/Twenty NZ v WI



Brilliant! First 20/Twenty tied match, went into to a bowl off! And boy how much did all the cricketers choke??? Only Bond and Styris could hold it together and win it for us. Where would we be without Bond?

       First ball up, Astle misses the stump, just went past the off stump
       Second ball from Astle, again in the corridoor of uncertainty,
        misses teh off stump again
       Its going to be Dwayne Smith who will take a crack at the stumps
        for West Indies
       Dwayne Smith bwols way down the legside, no help to his team this
       Down the leg stump again, After the first round, both teams are yet
        to hit
       Jeetan Patel for NZ now, bowling spin and misses outside off stump
       Jeetan Patel with his second ball misses again outside off stump
       Chris Gayle called in to bowl
       Gayle bowls medium pace misses outside off stump
       Chris Gayle with his second ball comes around wicket medium pace
        and misses outside off stump
       Chris Cairns, in his final international encoutner has been handed
        the ball
       Chris Cairns first ball misses outside off stump
       Cairns' second delivery, down the leg side again
       We've had two rounds now and not a single bowler has hit the stumps
       Jerome Taylor has been handed the ball now
       Taylor's first ball misses the offstump
       Taylors second ball misses again outside off
       Shane Bond handed the ball now
       Shane Bond strikes! first ball crashes into the stumps, hits middle
        stump and puts New Zealand 1-0 up
       Second ball from Shane Bond, full toss smashes the middle stump
        again, its New Zealand 2-0 up now!
       Bradshaw handed the ball now, first delivery slides down the leg
       Second ball misses down the leg
       Styris given the ball
       He just needs to hit one for New Zealand to win
       Styris's first ball hits the middle stump and New Zealand pull off
        a fantastic win in bowl off
Full scoreboard: http://auslive.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/200...06.html#current
I caught the bowl off while at shooters and I got to say I was amazed at how often they missed the stumps. Why didn't they slow down their pace considerably to hit the stumps? And if they did then it was just pathetic. Was good to see a penalty kick style of finish thoiugh. Definately added to the tension.
Sounds fun that sort of bowl off thing. Glenn McGrath would be the best at that.

Bowl offs are great there was one in the English Twenty20 last year, so many misses as well, but was hilarious when I think it was Surrey were playing Warwickshire and the last Surrey player just went a bit mental, don't think you'd see that in a Test match.

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