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2008; TRF; and bring on 2009!


-Became a qualified surface blaster,now working for my dad and older brother
-Upgraded my pc to a monster :rock:
-Studied for PC Technologies A+ and hopefully passed my exam :lol:
-Some of the best games ever got released this year (and I got most of them :D )
-The Rugby 08 Patch Team made the best modds ever seen,great kits,faces,roster ect... :bravo:
-Changed my avatar and username and got rep for it :cheers:
-Wathing the Springboks beating the AllBlacks for the first time in "The House of Pain" :box: and seeing them beating England 42 - 6 at Twickenham :bleh!:
-Petrol price beginning to decrease :bana:


-Nothing I can think of really...

.....Oh 1 thing, those thumbsuckers from EA not being able to release a proper rugby game yet :%#%#: :rahh: :ranting: ,but who needs them anyway when we got guys like Fa'atau82,woosaah,uli85 and the rest of TRF members :cheers:

Merry Christmas to all TRF members and a happy new year,may all your dreams and wishes come true!

No she was single (well allegedly.)
It did go down well with the road trip boys though.

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