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2021 Kit Updates

Use the texture in the file I've attached to this post and see if you can play as Ireland in their home kit.

The major change I've made between my last kits and these international kits is the size of the texture used for the front. I was using a 512*512 resolution, but I've done the internationals as 1024*1024 for a more detailed texture. I found a Rugby10 mod that was doing this and they worked for me fine, but if it's causing issues for others I might have to re-scale all the new kit fronts.
aight man I'll let you know how things go
jim546 Thanks for the amazing updates All works perfectly. Tested all International kits and they seems fine
Do not understand the issued listed might be the previous issue we had with Connor Murray face that caused game to crash
If anyone has any crashes with an "async" error message it should give you the name of the file causing the crash, let me know which file it is. Any other crashes let me know as well, give as much detail as you can.
I don't know sorry, there's nothing about the Oz and England kits different from the others as far as I can tell. Is it just the international kits or the club kits as well? Is it crashing when selecting the teams in the menu, or when loading the match?
Hi jim546, thanks for your quick and kind reply. The game crash when I select an international team for which I updated the kits. It simply crashes without showing me any Async message. The only teams for which I do not have problems are Australia and England. For New Zealand and South Africa I did not have crash problems for the kits you realeased one month ago, while current releases of these teams make the game crash. I play in windows 10 with game resolution 1920x1080. Can this resolution create problems?
Further info: when I try to open the .big files with BigGui it tells me "error: filename has an invalid header". This does not happen for Australia and England only

thanks again for the help!
Moreover, when I try to open the .fsh files (except for Australia and England) with FshEd I got the following error: "The file you are attempting to open is not a valid Electronic arts SHP file. Access violation at address 004a09EO in module fshEd.exe "
Back to the kits I've been putting off for ages, Top 14:


I haven't started Brive, Castres, Pau, or Stade. Biarritz and Perpignan are not on my list as they aren't in the TRF21 mod.
Maybe put them in, and we can all decide which teams should be in / out of the next mod.

I might consider doing what peter83 did a while back and having two mods,
to get around the max team limit for each patch (75).

23 x International
30 x NH clubs
15 x SH clubs
7 x All Star teams (which tend to crash World League if added).
14D427A4-7AFC-4081-892B-3EF9426A35D5.jpeg92B400EE-A789-4654-BADE-48722DD1A3DA.jpeg56836C00-4AD6-4A67-8B05-ED0BD6035E1F.jpegE1CE404E-BBD7-4EAF-A193-9BAF61D5D54F.jpeghey mate can you add Moana Pasifika? got both of their home and away jerseys and to replace one of the SA teams like the cheetahs and put it on the current patch?
hey mate can you add Moana Pasifika?
Moana Pasifika and Fijian Drua aren't on my list at the moment, it could be a possibility for them to replace Cheetahs and another defunct club but that would be the decision of the roster makers not me. I'd definitely want to finish my current kits before moving onto SR teams.

Do you mean Barbarians? I was thinking of doing the current kit to replace one of the all-star teams:

View attachment 12590
I've been meaning to work on updating the default Barbarians Kit, which appears in Rugby08 & using the above kit for the current patches.
I just haven't had time to address any of the graphical issues, as I've been busy compiling faces & customising the default roster :p haha

Reference Kit:
I'd be struggling at the moment as I've just started a new job. Once I'm sorted in that I may be able to do some more kits, but I can't promise anything right now sorry.
I know the feeling :p haha
Stade's kits are A: amazing and B: a nightmare to texture:


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