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2022 Rugby Championship - Round 6) - South Africa V Argentina (24/9/2022)

This is a very weird feeling. Convincing win in terms of score line but feels like a loss. Realistically asking for 40 points differential was too much. Felt bad for Steyn, he was clearly emotional at the start, and I think it got to him. Because his kicking and decision making was quite poor through most of it, especially the first half(except from the tee).

Game plan didn't feel right, every time DDA got the ball and ran with it he made significant metres, and the final try showed a bit of what could happen when we use our backs. Steyn's bombs weren't accurate enough for chases, and we even had Arendse getting them up when he covered scrum half. It does do well in getting us territory, but I feel we are going to it way too early. If we maybe tried a few more phases with our backs or some of the smart support/second backline play, perhaps we could've had a bit more success, but who knows.

But anyway, is what it is. Again, I've typed this and it reads like we've lost, when we have won by 17 points… Let's see how things go over in Europe.
Argentina had a few highlights but this match was never really in doubt. 🏉 Kudos South Africa!

Yea this really stung, what a weird feeling, we won at home which is great, but cant feel happy when we lose the championship.
Argentina put up a good fight, but that final quarter was their undoing. All the same, I think they have shown real progress this Championship - a record win over Australia and a first win on NZ soil are highly commendable achievements.
A funny old edition of the RC. I don't think fans of any side will be remotely happy (maybe the Pumas? ). At least forecasts of loads of head hits didn't come true? I don't think there was a single red card either?
forecasts of loads of head hits didn't come true? I don't think there was a single red card either?
* - Red card plus 4 week suspension South Africa week 1 Kurt-Lee Arendse 74' as well as the yellow plus 6 week suspension for Australia week 5 Darcy Swain 35'

16 yellow cards and 5 penalty tries in the final 2 weeks (4 games)

Still great to watch mind you
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