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[2023 Six Nations] England vs Scotland - 4 February 2023


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@TRF_Olyy & @Lé Ddanno
He's finished that labour of love now, if you want to read about the second half.

Spoilers: Youngs, Mako and Isiekwe don't come out of it well
Just finished reading all of this - really good read and really interesting to see his analysis on Marchant,
If SB came to the same conclusions (i.e. that his defence/defensive positioning was poor and a large part of the fault for two tries) then it explains why he's gone from the 23,

Also says Curry did a lot well, so I'm obviously naturally inclined to agree

Dombrandt comes out of it the worst, I think
I do feel a little more optimistic about the side now, though - it does feel like we did a lot right just need to gel those periods of good play/individual performances together into a more substantial team performance, which should hopefully come with time

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