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24 Season 6

omg i saw the trailer during the premiere of lost season 3, looks interesting, and chloe's hair seems darker, yum yum.
i love jack, but i prefer chloe yummy. theres something about tht lil freak tht rlly gets my crank going.
Yeah, she isnt exactly the most good looking girl going around but there is just something about her that makes her slightly appealing lol
Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are both making cameos, but Ricky's will only be on the DVD due to him being to recgonaisable.

I say they should've made Karl Pilkington a CTU agent.
Well I have now watched the First 4 Episodes of Season 6, You see Stephen Merchant's cameo in the first episode for a split second...

I will now write the next bit in white text as it contains spoilers, so highlight to read....

<span style="color:#ffffff">Wow What a beginning, First Jack coming back off the plane and being told he is going to have to sacrifice himself for the country he loves, which he is more than happy to do it seems, but his escape is majestic, biting the guys neck was quality... but he did seem to get away rather quickly... And also Yet again Jack informs CTU and the President that they are being played and he is not listened to... bloody typical... you then see Jack working with the Enemy for the good of the country... which is so unlike Jack, and slowly as the episodes unfold you see how he has become less of the man he once was... not being able to torture people to the same extent he would of gone in previous days... Moving forward a couple of episodes to episode 4 where the majority of the action happens... You see Curtus has a definate problem with Assad, and this carrys on throughout the episode until you see that jack has heard about what the problem is... next thing Curtis has a gun to Assad's head, and Jack has to make a key decision, which he does and shoots Curtis, it is not known if he is dead or not!!! (although the website says he is! Honestly didnt think it would be long tho, as he was one of the last remaining original characters) Jack cant stand the decision he makes then runs off to vomit... Also something else that hasnt been seen before in any series of 24 before, A nuclear device is let off in LA... OMG just seeing the mushroom shaped cloud makes you think how are they going to carry on this series, you also just see jack breakdown and say I can't do this anymore, the sign of a broken man...
Now the relationship setup, Bill and Karen are married (so one of them will die) and also Chloe and Morris are now seeing each other again...
Ooo crikey its started has it? I better go and get it (ways of doing it undisclosed of course :p) and watch it!

I hope its good!!!

Jeez it was a tease at the end of season 5 when the chinese got him and he was on the boat! Can't wait to see season 6!
Well we've established that its started already!!!

Is it good? Is jack out of gaol yet?
ive seen epis 1+2

so far top drawer, its got alot to live up to cos series 5 was out of this world!!

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