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360 problem



anyone know why about half the times i put a game in my 360 it says this game must be put in a 360 not a dvd player??? Any ideas possibly a patch online??
I don't understand what you are asking. You said 'that this game must be put in a 360 not a dvd player'. Do you mean the 360 isn't recognizing your 360 game when you insert the disk??
My 360 annyes me when i put a game in and it spits it back out all the time, i eventually after a hundred goes get the game working, but in that time i've thrown one of the contollers in the fire and am walking down to argos to buy a new controller. :bana:
* Make sure the discs are clean - 360's are not keen on dirty, scratc
* If your console is positioned vertical, try lying the console down
Yeah I think that happened to me. Does it also say Play DVD at the dashboard. If it does you'll probably have to send it away.
Had mine the day it came out and heard all the problems about the 360 and mines done me proud,well till today when i bought forza put it in and within 5 mins its giving me the lights of doom.Im gutted
Just got the 3 red lights myself, planning to fix it over the weekend.
I am constantly crapping myself that my xbox360 will very soon break down and lie in a huddled heap in the corner crying and calling Sally to come hold him close.
I hear quite a few scare stories about them and to tell you the truth, we all have spent far too much money to have to send it away to microsoft.
Fingers crossed mine stays working well...
got a launch console myself

it hasnt missed a beat and i have thrashed more than my ps2 has in its lifetime

i expect mine to die some day - hope it falls within the 3 yr extended warranty and not outside
Don't try and fix your 360 or send it in to be repaired. If you get the 3 red lights just phone M$ get a reference number and swap it out for a new one at the store you bought it from. The 3 red lights are covered by a 3 year swap out warranty.

If you have any other problems like the DVD drive not working you do the same, but you only have a 1 year warranty.
My copy of Tenchu arrived today. Tried to play it but it was randomly freezing up the system with a strange buzzing sound. I would have assumed that the disc was faulty, but its lack of consistency is not something commonly associated with a faulty disc.

A bit of research later, and anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that its the early symptoms of those dreaded three red lights of doom.

Oh joy.
A reciept and a exchange code from M$ will mean the shop will happily exchange it.

Worked for me at least.
Gave Dead Rising another chance yesterday and it crashed with an awful sound on me.

Looking forward to ensuing problems.
My mate exchanged his x-box with no probs the other day with his receipt.
I may add the dopey sods in HMV didn't check that I had returned the hard disk (which I obviously kept). Now I have two!

+Plus 1 £70 piece of kit.

Pitty I didn't think to keep the controller. :(
Only problem with that is that in my infinite wisdom, I bought my 360 on the Internet.

Not that its an immensely huge problem. If the three lights do kick in, thats covered by the new three year warranty. The only problem is that it hasnt actually kicked in yet. So if I want to play my new game, I have to hope the entire console fecks up just so I can get it replaced. Which will take ages to get repaired no doubt.

I find myself in a rather ironic situation, not helped by the fact that I am an idiot for not forseeing this.
my xbox lasted about 3 months before those wonderful red lightds came on, took me about 2 hours on the phone before i could get the "number" so the store would take it back
Called Xbox Support Wednesday. UPS picked up the console Thursday. Console arrived in Havant Friday.

Now begins the wait of up to 25 working days (5 weeks, basically).