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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Karld, Oct 21, 2007.

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    This topic is about your thoughts and ideas for the 6 Nations:

    Personally i like the 6 nations, but i would like more to be done to allocate for 'minnows'. Ideally there would be a league and tier system, but it would mean an on-going flow of rugby at national and club level. So i would like to see a qualifying system for the 6 Nations, 6th spot. For many years Italy have been the spare part and with other new nations coming through i think they could be knocked off.
    if there was a qualifying system in place starting with these teams:
    Italy, Romania, Georgia, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Latvia and another team.
    it would make the cup more competetive and make the 'bigger' nations wake up and come to thier senses.

    Do you agree with this idea? Do you like the way 6 Nations is run at the moment? Do you have an idea?
    All can be posted here :bravo:
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  3. We neeed the Pumas inside this tournament
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  5. melon

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    I think there should be a second tier 6 Nations with the likes of Georgia, Romania, Russia, Uruguay, Spain and Portugal.

    The winner of Div 2 plays the loser of Div 1 with promotion/relegation at stake.
  6. An Tarbh

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    The only problem I have with the Six Nations is that the BBC has too much say in the schedule for my liking. I know they pay for the rights but there are other broadcasters as well.

    As for the teams promotion and relegation would be pointless, the teams of the second tier are still far behind the lower ranked teams of the Six Nations so to introduce them would reduce the quality needlessly.

    Allow the Six Nations B tournament to develop further over the next few years and judge the sides at the next world cup before even considering the prospect of promotion or relegation.
  7. Promotion and relegation without a playoff would be a mistake for two reason. The first reason is that teams don't play an equal number of home and away games in a season. One year a team will play 3 times at home and the next year, just 2. That could result in a team artificially finishing bottom due to their schedule. The 2nd problem is that European Nations Cup teams aren't strong enough to compete. It has been hard enough getting Italy up to standard and just when they're showing major improvement, they're at risk of being jettisoned and their development will count for nothing.

    Provided promotion/relegation is decided on a bi-annual basis (so each team gets 5 home and 5 away matches to decide their fate) with a playoff to decide whether a team should remain/get promoted, I'd be all for it. Who's to say Lisbon, Tblisi, Madrid, Bucharest, Moscow, Berlin, Prague or Kiev can't become popular destinations over time in much the same way Rome has been accepted by the rugby community?
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    I like the idea of the 6 Nations having an 'A' league and a 'B' league to improve the quality of play for second tier nations. Just look at the strides Italy has made since since joining.

    Six nations who currently compete in the European Nations Cup should be used as the basis for the Six Nations 'B' League, with a playoff between the losers of League 'A' and the winner of League 'B' for promotion and relegation.

    A playoff would ensure that the team promoted would at least be able to hold their own in the 'A' League. Relegation and promotion without a playoff would be a disaster. Imagine this year if such a system was in place - Scotland would be relegated into a group containing Georgia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Portugal and the Ukraine while Romania would be promoted to play against Ireland, Wales, Italy, France and England. The smart money says Scotland would win the 'B' League convincingly while the Oaks would lose the 'A' League in similar style.

    The main question would be which six European nations (and it would have to be European, I think, as some national teams don't have the funds to travel around the world several times a year) would make up the second legaue? The current rankings say Romania, Georgia, Russia, Spain, Portugal and Germany.
  9. DC

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    it could be a good idea but not quite yet.. needless to say no team in europe other than the big six now deserve to be in that tournament.

    but in time it could become a definite possibility.
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