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A guide to rating graphics



<div align="center">When you are rating give reasons why you voted as you did. State about the border, text, blending, bg...etc. Don't give bad ratings cause you don't like the person who made the GFX or because that just doesn't appeal to you. Don't be "I give that a 1/10 because I don't like Zelda". Rate the GFX on how good the GFX is. A good rating would be, "I give it a 7/10 because the bg looks nice, the blending is good but the text doesn't fit" ...etc.

Credit to the sig I will be using in the following article, to the orginal creators.

Well, I am fed up with these "n00b" no knowing how to rate. It is ******* me off, and is not helping anyone get better. There are posters coming in and posting such as

Bad Rating

ehhh. dont know **** about anime but its sorta cool 8.5/10[/b]

Hey, he made my DX, nWo banner so I think he's pretty good 6/10.[/b]

Perfect like always. 10/10 from me[/b]

This has got to stop. People not know how to rate need to stay away from the GFX Section.

Proper Rating.

The colors and brushing are cool....but I dont like the text placement or the text you used....I also dont like that render because it focuses more on the black and not on the main part here which is the face....also.... The blending of the render isnt that good...

but good job overall TOL.....better than what ALOT of people are making here...[/b]

It's good but it reminds me of many of your other works. Bg is ok, text is getting over-used(scriptina), colours are nice and the blending is good.

Tag Guide.

1 - 2


Um, what is this? Is this even a GFX? The pic isn't cut and look stupid. The blending sucks. The background cuts are crap. The text is awful. There is no boarder.


Text doesn't seem to fit. The background is meh. The text also sucks the way it goes across his head. It seems kinda werid, and out of place. The stroke on the text doesn't fit, and the color of the whole tag is meh. There is not blending and such. There is so much more that could have been done to make it look okish. About a 4.


Everything is okay on this tag. the colors are nice, but the text is horriable(sorry Lemons). The first letter colors is neat, but didn't work. The boarder is kinda big. The main render blended in okay, but didn't seem to fit. The background is meh. The blending on the background pics is okay. About a 6


Now, this is probably a 8 The widescreen is a nice effect. The text seems a little cluttered also. The blending is great, and so is the background.


This is really a great tag. But the sidebar killed it. The bar is something that can make or break a tag. In this case, break. One main reason in this is the width of the side bar. However everything else flowed nicely, and he didn't need c4d's, which is a plus. About a 9.5

Now, for the 9-10 I know there are better one out there. But that is probably one of the greatest one's I can find without searching for hours on end.

Now for the Non-Rating people I advise you to read this. Please take into consideration of what I have posted and use it next time you rate.

If you have a problem with you sig being up here or on a diffrent site(Mine and only mine), than PM me and I will take it down.</div>
That's only a 6 or 7 on most GFX forums.

Or if you look at the old boys network, sorry, w4l-gfx.com... The ******** give it 2 or 3 because it's not a wrestler or some unheard of 'gangsta'.
That's only a 6 or 7 on most GFX forums.

Or if you look at the old boys network, sorry, w4l-gfx.com... The ******** give it 2 or 3 because it's not a wrestler or some unheard of 'gangsta'.

Only a 6 or a 7?? :blink: I'd rate that above that arctic monkeys one any day (And I think the Arctic Monkeys are unreal)
yea they would rate the spencer one really low

i can imagine it now

"background is to abstact, better text etc"

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