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AI Goal Kicking




Is it just me or is the AI in the game as far as Goal kicking is concerned just to good. In the 11 games I have played the computer has only missed 1 kick @ goal. They have not all been really good teams with good goal kickers.

Would really like to be able to tweak this. Anybody know how?



I get the distinct impression EA is trying there best to make it hard for gamers to change there games?
I think its just u. AI in my game have actually missed from infront. But my good defence has actually pushed them out wide and they miss quite a few kicks.

Yip could very well be just me. But that is good to hear. What level are you playing on, I am currently on normal?


Mostly normal. Had a few games on hard. Soz mate but plz spell my name right next time J-A-C-K-O. I'm not getting mad it just hurts my eyes and looks a bit foreign.
The AI seems pretty accurate with me, but what irritates me even more is how illogical the kicking is... The wind coul be blowing 22knots coming from the left so you aim it appropriately and then when you kick the camer changes angle and it seems the wind does to, because it pushes the ball in the opposite direction...
That is true. I hate this and is dificult. I just counter act this with power and accuracy and I lower the kick

Thanks for all the replies. Will keep @ it and see how it goes.

Jacko, sorry for the mistake in your name.


I found that has worked for me aswell, when I started lowering the arrow my kicking started to improve drastically.
AI missed kicks is pleasantly refreshing. In my World league I was one point up against Perpignan and decided to kill the ball to avoid a try. Edmonds went to kick for goal from the touchline almost and I'm thinking "f*** it, he won't miss". He took his run up, made contact, the ball spiralled towards the posts...then bang it hits the left hand post and bounces out. Castrogiovanni gathers and sprints to the 22, ball is recycled, Davies back to the Heff in the pocket and he finds touch. I win 10-9!
I didnt know it was possible to play on after the kick hits a post, what button do i have to press?
The AI goalkicker isn't perfect lol. I was playing as the Brumbies against the Stormers and they got 2 tires in front of the posts and their Fly-Half missed both of them. In my first match in World League, David Humphreys missed the match winning goal costing the AI team the match, Final score: 13-12.
Yeah watching the AI miss kicks with the game on the line is quite fun. Definitely makes a change from WCR with it's robo-kickers!
The AI has never missed a kick whenever they score a try. I don't know why that is, but they have missed drop goals before.
i have had jonny wilkenson miss a kick from pretty much right in front! and it meant that i won by 2 points....
Usually AI will miss when under a lot of pressure. When behind on scoreboard and needs those few points to take the lead for example.

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