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An image for my podcast....?


Mr. Laxative

Guys, I'm not sure if you are aware, but I'm in the process of making a podcast called the Aussie Rugby Wrap.

It would be very much appreciated if I could get an image for this. Basically, I'm thinking avatar size, green background with "the Aussie Rugby Wrap" written in a yellow font, similar to that of the Wallabies logo. Each word should be on a separate line - make it simple!
It doesn't need to be anything extravagant, but as you may be well aware I'm not very competent in making ANY sort of image.

Rep is up for grabs here guys! B)
Here's one I done quickly.

What do you think?
Yeh good, do you reckon you could use the Wallabies' logo font??

Also, maybe change the colours. Green font, yellow backgorund. I only want caps for the start of each word, but "the" should be entirely in lower case and significantly smaller - think Lams logo! Everything should be left aligned, but "the" should be again similar to Lams logo...

Cheers :cheers:
Here v2,


Dunno what you think of the colour yellow or the font. If you want me to change it, let me know.
Yeh, I don't want the wallabies logo - I'm not official (yet) after all. When I say the Wallabies font I mean the font which the word "wallabies" is written in the logo.

So no Wallabies emblem, just text and a background on which the text should be bulked out dramatically and take up most of the space. Also, make the yellow more gold.

Sorry, if this sounds demanding, but I CAN'T do this myself. Anyway if you have problems just tell me and we'll have to go with what you can manage.

OK, I didn't read your post properly.
I dunno whether I can get hold of that font, but I will find a font similar.
Right, this should be closer what you are looking for,


I used the colours from the Wallabies emblem.

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