Anyone been to an NHL ice hocky match?

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by woosaah, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    I am off to the states next week and I have scored tickets to an NHL match. Really looking forward to it. Going to see the New Jersey Devils (second fav team) play the San Jose Sharks (third fav team) I am sitting about 5 rows back from the glass and really looking forward to it.
    Now i have only ever seen ice hocky on tv, and was wondering if anyone out there knew what i shoudl expect? For me, i expect big hits and a fast paced game. Dunno about goals or anythign as i havnt seen anything on tv for the last few years since the lockdown.
    Anyone know how these two teams are going? or how good they are this year? I am going to buy myself a Devils jersey before i go to the game, just so it looks like i fit it :)
    btw my fav team is the kings, but i always like teams from the LA region (used to like the raiders in NFL but they moved to oakland, and i hate the rams :) i like the 49ers in NFL)

    i always told myself if i go to the states i have to go to one of their favourite sports, and it turned out NHL was the only thing i could go to while I am there, no basketball games in New York/New Jersey while i am there :(
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  3. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    You lucky *******. That is one thing top of my "sporting events to attend" list.

    I played for 5 or so years, and been a massive NHL follower ever since, Montreal Canadiens being my favourite team, followed by Atlanta Thrashers and Ottawa Senators.

    Both teams currently sit 2nd in their respective conferences, and overall are in solid playoff contention with around 30 games left in the season.

    San Jose Sharks have Joe Thornton who was a 1st round draft pick who is absolutely amazing, one of the league leaders in assists and overall points (goals + assists = overall points). You will be witnessing one of the NHL's finest talents in Big Joe that's for sure.

    Other San Jose players to look for are Patrick Marleau and Jonathan Cheechoo (all 3 players mentioned are Canadian, naturally).

    New Jersey Devils have one of the finest Goal tenders of his era in Martin Brodeur of Canada. Others to watch are Patrick Elias from the Czech Rep. and Brian Gionta.

    You are in a sweet seating area, be prepared for massive open ice body checks, a bit of foul play which will almost certainly lead to a scuffle. You might be lucky enough to witness a full on brawl which does happen a lot.

    It is extremely fast paced, most of the time you hardly see how a goal is scored 'cos the passing around the goal area is so intense, it's amazing how the players actually react to it all.

    You really will have a blast as from what I could imagine, be sure to take pics :) .
  4. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    oh yeah ill take pics alright :) ill post them in this thread as well. Thanks for letting me know some of the players, and a bit of insight from an actual fan!. its been a while since i was a fan lol.

    Martin Brodeur he has been around for years, he was always one of my picks in the fantasy draft on any NHL game i played lol. Ill definatly look out for those players and post a post game response when i either get back from the game or back from the states, depending on my internet access while i am away :)

    i would have loved to go to a mighty ducks game at the duck pond but i am not in LA long enough for that either, which is a bit of a bugger.
  5. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Sweet! I cannot describe enough of how jealous I am right now :) .

    Yeah, seeing the Ducks would be great, although they're struggling a bot after winning the Stanley Cup they have some living legends there at the moment.

    But Devils/Sharks is an awesome match up, both teams are exceptional. Definitely keep an eye out for some big hits from Thornton, it'll be a treat to see him play :) .
  6. Ken

    Ken Guest

    NHL games rock. I went to one bout two years ago, it was the LA Kings vs the San Jose Sharks.
    I was cheering for the Canucks :bana: and yes I know they suck now but I liked them alot back then.

    Anyway, it's a lot like TV except louder and your shoes get sticky from all the crap on the floor, oh and if you cheer for the Canucks make sure nobody realizes it's you cause I think I ****** off quite a few Americans who, for some odd reason, hated the Canucks.

    Cheers and have fun though :D
  7. M Two One

    M Two One Guest

    I fly out to Buffalo every season to catch one or two matches.
  8. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    One of the things I'd love to do is to go see the Leafs play in Toronto, that would be awesome.
  9. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    :eek: Leafs scum! :lol:

    Nah, kidding. I like the Leafs too, but they are the most hated team in the NHL.
  10. goranski

    goranski Guest

    hmmm...the red wings might give them a run for that title - at least in st. louis and elsewhere in the midwest the wings are pretty much the yankees of the nhl

    i'm a blues fan, but having moved to the east coast recently i have to say the capitals have grown on me, especially watching ovechkin play the man is a genius with the puck plus he hits like a demon

    i find the atmosphere at nhl games here awesome - the fans take no prisoners with the opposition team and the razzmatazz and entertainment between periods is great.
  11. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Lol, something like 30% of the Caps goals come from Ovechkin don't they? He's a beast, better than that cry baby Crosby.
  12. goranski

    goranski Guest

    Lol, something like 30% of the Caps goals come from Ovechkin don't they? He's a beast, better than that cry baby Crosby. [/b][/quote]

    pretty much - at least that was the stat in the first half of the season, and probably still is

    AO recently had a game against the Montreal Canadiens where he broke his nose, then went on to score 4 out of 5 Capitals' goals plus the winner in overtime
  13. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    Right i went to my first game a couple of weeks ago (just got back from the states today) and all i can say is OMG what a game. Devils won 3-2 in the last period, i cant remember everything about the game as it was a couple of weeks ago but I had an awesome time.
    It was a fast game, but wasnt hard to follow, big hits and I had great seats. Aparently the arena we were in is only a couple of months old, and it showed, was very new and very swanky.
    ill post some pictures and some you tube video from the game when i find my memory card (its in my luggage somewhere)
    any questions about it ill try answer them.
    i bought myself a NJ Devils jersey and it was expensive, about 350NZD but its an authentic one. and i love it.
  14. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    I lived in Montréal some years ago. I went to the Centre Molson to see the Canadiens play the NHL. Great atmosphere, tough games. I enjoyed being there but I cannot say that this converted me in a Ice Hockey lover.
  15. iank36

    iank36 Guest

    Something I always wondered about going to see American sports (this does apply to American football I suppose more than ice hockey but...) is whether the long and fairly regular pauses in play, while teams are changed, formations etc is an issue? Or was this OK, and more akin to the pauses you get for set-pieces etc. in rugby?
  16. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    its alot faster in ice hockey, when they change the lines up its straight away during the play, they normally dump the puck in the corner and change the lines.

    the only time that there were big pauses in the game it was for time outs, and it was only 5-10 mins and i didnt really notice it that much.

    cant comment on american football other than its soo freaking slow, they have 40 seconds to do a play but thats way too much.
  17. Fagballs

    Fagballs Guest

    Well the thing that troubles me about ice hockey especially when you're a spectator is the difficulty of actually following the progress of the puck. Its so quick and small that before you know where it's disappeared to the supporters next to you are cheering for a goal.
  18. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yeah you would think that, but it wasnt hard at all, it was relativly easy to follow where the puck was. its harder to follow it on tv.

    even my girlfriend didnt find it hard to find the puck, she was yelling and screaming when goals got scored and everything, she loved it. Ice hockey is much better being there than on tv, you can actually see whats going on ;)
  19. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it Woosah, too bad the Sharks lost (in my case anyway :) ). Yeah, it's near impossible to follow a game on tv. I still wish they would show it here in NZ rather than Baseball and all those other boring American sports, most people would love to watch the NHL I reckon.
  20. goranski

    goranski Guest

    I wish it was shown more here on my side of the border.

    Great spectacle though - skill, speed, hits and boxing all rolled into one - plus its a bit of an international/olympic sport - although best viewed in HD or rinkside.

    Jerseys = ridiculously overpriced.
  21. stoothcw

    stoothcw Guest

    They are so exciting, I would definately go!! I love the fights especially!!
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