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Anyone been to an NHL ice hocky match?

One of the things I'd love to do is to go see the Leafs play in Toronto, that would be awesome. [/b]

Leafs games are pretty stale to go to. The only people who can afford tickets are corporations and law firms, so for the 5 mins of each period the bottom level is empty because those high spending pricks are shmoozing it up instead of watching the game. It's also pretty quiet most of the time. Oh yeah and beers are like $8. What a f***ing gyp. To be honest, if you're a Leafs fan it's better to go to take and hour and a bit drive down the road to Buffalo to watch a Leafs vs Sabers game. Buffalo is a poor community with little corporate support but it's usually sold out or close to it, and there are plenty of Leafs fans there. Everyone is drunk and belligerent and makes for much better atmosphere. And if you're down there you have to listen to talk back radio after the game, it's classic. If they lose they the game it's all depressed and people are asking for blood (fire the coach, trade this player, drop that player) and if they win they want the coach elected into the hall of fame. If I wasn't in New Zealand at the time I would have gone to the outdoor game earlier this year.

Great spectacle though - skill, speed, hits and boxing all rolled into one - plus its a bit of an international/olympic sport - although best viewed in HD or rinkside.[/b]

Since coming back I have seen that aforementioned outdoor game in HD and it's absurdly cool. It's been dubbed the HD bowl.

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