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Arghh just got engaged!


The Dorset Drinker
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Jan 27, 2004
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Just to let you all know, I asked my partner to marry me and she said yes! So I said Stag Do!
TRF is growing up so fast! Dull and his lad, now this.
Congratulations Charlie, I might have to fly over for the stag do!
All the best mate, wish you many happy years together. :)
Congrats mate, I wish you and the misses all the best. If you have more info about the stag, please share. I don't mind visiting the UK (if it suits the planning) for some drinks, strippers, nice Sigars and bowler hats.
Congrats!! I wish you both the best!!

You should have entitled this thread: crouch, touch, pauuuuuuse... ENGAGED! ;)

Believe it or not, I really miss that old call. :p

I don't know you...but sincerely, congrats ! What a feeling that must be...
it's hilarious that even my "online friends" or at least co-forum-posters are totally moving on in life to a nice comfortable future...:p
Congratulations. It's a special moment in life, but now you're going to be weened off the web! ;)

Congrats! Did you ask her somewhere romantic? Or was it not a pub?
Congrats mate , did it with true style in the city of romance ;)
Congrats man, wish you guys the best!
You two will be happily married. She'll be happy, you'll be married ;)
We did it in St Stephens Green in Dublin! Just after I tried to buy a rugby shirt!
Where did you propose?

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