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August's Member of the Month



We chose our Member of the Month for August and it was Gay Guy...

Go to the Portal, to read about the person sweeping up the TRFies...

or click here

Also remember if you want to be considered, Please get in touch....

And you will be put on my short list...
2 things...

1, it's still July, so my interview sould still be there! ;)


2, " Thanks Gay Guy for a great Interview, if you want to be considered for member of the month contact Getofmeland..
The comments on this page are those of Teh Mite, and not the Rugby Forum (although I agree with the one on Christiano Ronaldo)"

You missed a bit. But I fixed it.
yeah well yours is still there so quit complaing, and i am still in bed so thats my excuse for the other bit...
Hope your starting to feel better. What your going through sounds nasty, man!

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