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banana kicks



i've been trying to get the hang of the banana kicking recently. can anyone gimme a breakdown on how to banana put the ball and ho its supposed to travel. thanks
If you hold the ball pointing straight out in front of you lengths ways and kick it, it will go end over end. Now if you hold the ball sideways and kick it, more often than not you'll hit slightly off centre, one side or the other, and the ball won't go straight, it'll 'banana' to one side.

If you make it look like you're going to kick to your left, then kick the ball more to the left side of the centre of the ball, it will instead go out to the right.

There are many variations in how you hold the ball as to exactly what the reaction will be when you kick it, this is where a bit of practise will help :)

For example, the same theory works with grubber kicks, you can deliberately 'banana' the ball along the ground too...

Any questions, feel free to fire away.
coming from an AFL state and having no choice as a kid, the banana kick was a common part of the game.

obviously you'll need to go out in the paddock on your own for a few hours to get the 'feel' of it, however a few pointers:

hold the ball directly in front of you with the pointy ends in each hand. the pointy ends will be what you aim with. if your taget is on your left, line up the pointy part of the ball with your target and kick the ball towards the right hand point end. use the reverse if your kicking to a target on the right hand side. line up the right hand pointy end with your target, kick the left side of the ball.
alright what about the trajectory of the ball. is it supposed to go out at an angle to the kicker? or does it travel in a perdicular motion
yes it is one heck of a crowd... sheesh man...
back to banana kicks...
I'm a ball kicking forward but i cant explain how i did my bananas!

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