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Bath 29-15 Worcester

I'm bouncing off the walls - I only wish I'd been there.

I thought at the end of last season the sid eunder Meehan started to show some potential. Then I saw a raft of big names leaving and, apart from Claassens, the signings seemed a bit of a downgrade, I mean Browne (who apparently had a good game - I stand corrected). But then we got Butch and it became obvious that Meehan had shaped his squad with players that played to his game. He knew the youngsters fitted in perfectly, whereas they'd have died or moved under Connolly, and he had the stones to give them a shot. Oh, if only England could follow.

But with a good dynamic squad of players, playing a good brand of rugby, we've got off to our first winning start, let alone perfect, for ages. Claassens, in particular, was apparently superb.

There's a long way to go yet but first impressions of Meehan this summer looks to be that he's pulled off a masterstroke. Now we don't need him to become the next Aussies backs coach or England's new head coach. A bit of consistency at Bath and anything is possible.

:bravo: - Well done guys.
It was a great result for Bath, which puts us on good ground to build on... Cuthbert looks like he could be a good talent scoring two tries, it is also good to see Academy players breaking through into the squad... Also I am fairly confident in the side Bath have built and the work Meehan has done at Bath that is moving Bath in the Right Direction, especially since we lost Ashton who was doing some good work... I am a bit disappointed to see Chev Walker Leave for League again, I did think he had some potential... I was also told that Dan Browne was useless, but if I read correctly he had a rather good game this week, so hopefully that will keep improving for Bath...

But Well Done Boys, Keep it up now...
Well done to bath, sounds like they did well and boy how good does it feel to get that first win under your belts.
The ball is rolling, just keep the momentum going now!

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