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BBC SPORT -Marshall absent for ***le run-in

I despise that man more and more.
Did he forget how to play good rugby when he moved to NH?
Becuase ever since he signed for the O's he's done **** all except help the opponents.

Bring on Mike Phillips, i say.
He was shockingly bad at Leeds also. Not to mention oh-so loyal once they were relegated, mostly down to his bad plays.
I can't stand the *******...

Biggest Waste of Space... Couldn't stand him when he was at Leeds, shows he was truely only up here for money, he fled Leeds Faster than you can say Relegation Pay Cut....
random i thought he was up for one of the best players of the torny last year even though he was in an under performing team.

Sorry to hear that you guys dont like him, he was great when he was here with canterbury and the all blacks.

I wish i could actually see the classic all blacks play, i would love to see my cousin back in action :) (not marshall)
I refuse to deny Marshall his past.
He was awesome, an absolutely great player, but from what Mite was saying and from what i've seen this season, he retired when he moved to the SH.
I can honestly count how many good games he's had on one hand for the Ospreys. It's ridiculous.
We're all praying for the minute that Lyn brings on Jason Spice again, at least the guy implements a little initiative into the attacks and sparks the game somewhat.
What... you mean you folks actually thought that New Zealanders go North for reasons other than the money?

I'm not naive enough to think that a pay packet isn't the main reason he's here.
I'm just shocked how he very rarely turns up for a game. We have the privelage of playing with the man and he very rarely performs. Unlike Filo Tiatia, Regan King, Xavier Rush.
Ah, but Justin Marshal has absoloutely no morals about him. PPart of that being he's a tosser and part of that being all Scrum Halfs are little wankers.

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