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Best Boots For a Forward



Heya mates..
I need help!! What is the best Rugby boots out there for forwards? how much and if you can please post the link/pics... I need a new one coz my Nike doesnt grip very well, its stupid when ur rucking and scrumming then u slipped face down..
appreciate ur help!
My boots are nike and I like them, I find that they give suitable grip and scrummaging is good!
ive wore gilbert mid cut boots with sprig/stud pattern of 6 at the front 2 at the back and reckon theyre allright, great for grip.

the last season i played i wore a pair of lotto boots lo cut with the same sprigs pattern and thoght they were pretty good also

its hard to find a decent pair of size 15s though
Originally posted by Jacko@May 13 2006, 07:13 PM
My boots are nike and I like them, I find that they give suitable grip and scrummaging is good!
which nike are u talkin about?
The best boot nike ever brought out was the NIKE RUGBY XV ZOOM AIR...i have a pair of those and imho they r the best but i have also had a pair of high cut mizunos and mid cut asics which i found were gr8 also i hav had a pair of pumas but meh. For a prop try to go for a mid-high cut boot but its really what ever boot u feel most stable in.
It depends on what position in the forwards. Props need a very different boot to loosies.
Adidas 'flanker's are supposed to be brilliant, similar to the nine-XV's (the backs boot).
Here is a picture of the 04/05 Adidas Flankers.

They are a good boot if you are playing 4 or higher.
yeh, i wanna get one of em flankers... but staying here in Dubai makes it harder to get rugby stuff... the only thing is football boots... i can order em from the net, but i got to be certain of what i want.. I need to get new pair of boots by June coz I'm playing internationals then... B)

oh and another thing is... at the moment they want me to play prop :(
but they will replace me in the middle of the game back to my natural position as a flanker... so should i go for an all out prop boots like asic's 10 studs(yes 10!) formation that i think is gonna be a bit heavier... or just for normal 8 studs like the flanker...??
ive actually seen quite a lot of lock forwards in the super 14 wearing nike total 90's
Has anyone had a look at the Nike Air Legend boots for forwards? I think most of the French national team wear them, notably Betsen and Pelous (IIRC)
Get Canterbury ones that allow you to screw in an extra stud, I wore those for the second half of the season and found them really comfy and had good grip. As a hooker, I use the high cut ones to protect my ankles, but that doesn't really matter. Second and back rows can just have normal boots with longer studs. I had the nike air legends but the ripped mid game, meaning I had to wear silver vapours for much of the game. And Vapours are for fags.
I've decided to buy the Adidas Flanker II...
Lets see how it plays out when I'm playing those internationals...

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