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best match you've ever been at?



well for me it was leinster toulouse in the heineken cup quarter final in '06. (yep was there haha) we were serious underdogs but pulled it out of the bag to put on the best display i have ever seen from leinster. probably the 2 best backlines in the NH up against eachother with the likes of contepomi, d'arcy, o'driscoll'horgan'hickie and dempsey coming up against ellisale, michaelak, traille jauzion, clerc and pourtinoud

what ones were you at?
4 matches for different reasons.

Firstly the South Africa v England match at Subiaco WC 2003, my first exposure to the NH culture of singing at games...the atmosphere was unbelievable...

Second AB's v Wallabies in Melbourne this year....first time ever seeing the All Blacks so it absolutely blew my mind...first stadium outside Subi and Carisbrook I have ever been too and it was cool to see what a well designed stadium should be like (shame it's not rectangular) plus the Wallabies winning was great, seeing as I was over there surrounded with my relatives all wearing thier black :p

Thirdly the bitter sweet draw of the Force against the Crusaders, for the whole game I was basically saying to myself 'no chance, get ready for the traditional last 20 mins Crusaders domination' but it never came and the dissallowed try....absolutely gutted but that game has to be one of my favourite games of all time, I have watched the replay multiple times... Subi Oval= the place refs come to screw over the Force :p

Lastly the first home win by the Force, looked to be another end game capitulation but damn, way to win it dramatically :)

After the World Cup and Super 14 I am sure to have more, in particular dramatic Wallaby victories on the way to the cup and dramatic Force victories for the Super 14 ***le :p
what you dont sing in the SH??? ahh well we at leinster are famous for the intimdating donnybrook hush lol
what you dont sing in the SH??? ahh well we at leinster are famous for the intimdating donnybrook hush lol
Not really, I think it comes more from the football culture of singing during games, of which is not big here....not to mention our teams are too busy playing exciting rugby to have time to sing :p
hey its always exciting with leinster our backline is probs better than any other club /province
For me it was the Warriors - Saracnes Heinekien Cup group match at Hughenden! Atmosphere was great and it was a really good game! Even if it did finish in a draw!
Mine was the New Zealand Wales poll game at the 2003 rugby world cup. I was up in the nosebleed section so I could se everything. New Zealand scored within 5 mins and everyone though they would destroy the welsh, but they came back and were winning until New Zealand ran away with it in the last 20 mins.
June 30th 2007, MCG. Wallabies vs. All Blacks

pretty much because I was there this time around.... 10 years is a long wait.

and because we defied odds and ended up on top.

the other good one was the final pool match of RWC2003 at telstra dome in melb where the wallabies got up by 1 point. there was a hell of a lot of green around melbourne at the time, in fact the atmosphere around melbourne during rwc2003 was amazing
ARG-IRE on WC1999... The ref added like 10 more minutes to the game just we were winning, and Ireland failed to take the chance. Forgot how it ended, though (I know ARG won, and that were against backs against the ingoal, aside of that...)
Can't believe no one has mentioned it yet.... it has to be the "Match Made in Heaven"

All Blacks versus Wallabies in the 2000 Bledisloe cup match at Stadium Australia. World record crowd with 110,000 people packed into Homebush (I was lucky enough to be there). All Blacks in front 24 nil after 20 minutes. Australia mount a come back and it's 24-24 at half time.

Last minute of the game with Australia in front, Taine Randall lobs a passover a defender to no other than Jonah Lomu who runs down the side line in for the game winning try. Absolutely breath taking all 80 minutes. Best game ever, involving two of the greatest teams with the likes of Cullen, Lomu, Larkham, Gregan. Nothing will ever top it I doubt.

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