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Best Player?



hey, who would be the stand out player in the game or who does the most damage?
Originally posted by Springbokfan@Mar 10 2005, 11:05 PM
The guy behind the keyboard

if u shove jason robinson at fly half, he can easily break the line.
Brent Russel is right up there with maybe Schalk burger, Tquiri, Rococcocococococococo

Robinson is good....it actually depends what the situation is...but there are some good players in the mix!!!!

Springbok... What makes Schalk so good in the game... yeah yeah, it may seem like a dumb question, but as i haven't got the game yet i'm curious to know if forwards can at least shine in the game...
Umaga and Cohen are try scoring machines. Brian O'Driscoll is a god however!

As for forwards, Tom Smith is supprisingly high on the penetrating defences scale. Considering the game was not made by Scottish Saints fans...

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