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Sep 12, 2011
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That particular action is also quite demeaning as it makes the ref appear like a child.
To be honest, I've seen way more demeaning treatments from refs to players than that. NO is the most condescending soul that ever set foot on a rugby pitch.

The line in the sand here is (for me) physical contact. Ref is untouchable, (supposedly) no excuses, no exceptions. Which brings me to the next question; if instead of lifting him up arms extended and from behind (no pun), what would the ref and the audience think if the player had hugged him from the front and lifted him a bit while doing so? Technically it's quite similar and both unrequested, but i have a feeling the perception would have been very different.

My heart is with kiwi to be honest, but i understand if you let this one slide next time you could have players tossing up refs in the air somewhere.


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