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Best Try Saving taclke?

I love watching and seeing a last minute try saving tackle, its so refreshing to watch...
John Eales' try saving tackle on Rob Andrew in the final of the 1991 RWC would have to go down as the most important tackle ever. I still to this day have no idea how a man his size could run down a back with a good 30 meter head start. AMAZING!.Had he not made that tackle, England probably would have won the cup.
Penrith Panthers vs Sydney City Roosters NRL Grand Final 2003 Scott Sattler on Todd bryne
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2002, England vs New Zealand at Twickenham.

Ben Cohen covers from the opposite wing to put Ben Blair into touch with minutes remaining.
Lol...don't remind me!
yeah, that was that year they left cullen and everytime i saw that bloody replay i would think to myself "if that had been cullen, he would've scored!"

but best try saving tackles..

Tamati Ellison's tackle on Tatafu Polota Nau last year S14 at sydney to decide who would get the home semi.

Stirling mortlock i think against the All Blacks did this sensational tackle and whilst rolling over the try line, held the ball up with his hand, then the ball rebounded off his hand and when it was going to placed again he managed to get his foot under it!!!! SENSATIONAL!!!

another isn't really a tackle but i think it was france, or a south african team. when the ball was being placed the guy (whoever it was) kicked the ball outta the guys hands before it reached the ground haha.
of course cully would of scored!!!!!

mind you, cully pulled off some nice try saving tackles himself!! on more than one occasion!!

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