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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by paco1, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. paco1

    paco1 Guest

    There are a couple of issues regarding Argentina Ireland that are worrying me a lot.

    1The choice of a kiwi referee, which is clearly anti-scrum, and will not penalize irish attempts to pull down illegaly to stop Pumas scrum from advancing. Besides, we all saw what he did against Manu Samoa against SA. Argentina (or Manu Samoa) are no minnows in International rugby, but thats the ways some people regard us and this ref had shown he is capable of stealing a clear try.

    2 The comments of Laporte (by this time the most pathetic person in th whole RWC) supporting the irish and saying that they are a better team and they should win. Hilarious , maybe, but a form of adding pressure to the ref ands the IRB

    Is the IRB capable of denying Argentina what they are earning inside the field??
    Pumas are in a good position, they even can loose and advance to quarter finals, but the French organized their World Cup no to go home in quarter finals, they will loose huge money. They will want to be 1st in the pool and avoid the black tide.

    One thing is sure, the french can´t play for Ireland, in any case when they did for their own country they lost aginst Pumas . 5 times in 6 games. Hijos nuestros we prefer to say...
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  3. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    Laporte obviously does not want to have to face the Argies again.
  4. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    No complot, just the usual stuff.
  5. ferc

    ferc Guest

    I agree, thats is usual, look the last try of Ireland in the match against Georgia!!!!, and PUMAS suffer this thiks a lot of times, but the matches wins in the field!!!!

    GO PUMAS!!!!!!!

  6. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    Who cares? We have beaten him constantly over the last years :lol2tn: He's frustrated and impotent, what a loser :cheers:
  7. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    The more I hear the pair of you and your insessant whining, the more I actually want to see Ireland somehow pull it together and dump you out of the tournament.

    1. The nationality of the ref is NOT a conspiracy against anyone, the laws of the game are clear and the ref should hold them to the letter to them regardless . If he doesn't, regardless of which game he has bent the laws, he should be delt with accordingly.

    2. And this is the only time you've ever heard sledging from a coach before a crunch game? The French are desperate for a big Irish win to be certain of top spot in the group, thus avoiding the ABs and having a realistic chance to reach the final by which time they may build up a head of steam to win the thing. The whole of the French nation is saying the exact same thing to put the Pumas off, it's not special treatment or one off; it happens all the time. If the Pumas can't block it out and not let it affect their game, then frankly they don't deserve to go through. Especially as they'll have to deal with 50,000 Frenchmen singing "Fields of Athenry" this week for the full 80 mins.
  8. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Well, I agree completely. No complot, just the usual stuff. If you got Steve Walsh as the referee, well then you could claim complot, especially against Ireland.... but you didn`t.

    And obviously Laporte wants to avoid playing the AB`s in the quarters. Anybody would want to avoid them at this early stage.

    So basically, it comes down to this- win the game between the 4 lines of play, and get on with it. Fortunately, from what I`ve heard coming out of the Argie camp, that is exactly what Loffreda is focusing on.
  9. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    It looks like it goes both ways, all of us will be supporting Tonga all the way.

    Well, for me there's not any complot, a little help to the bigger team is always ready.

    I agree but I don't think that is going to happen, the Pumas have been waiting for this match four years, they will go out there even more focused than in the opening match with only one thing in mind: revenge.

    I wouldn't count on that, there were 15.000 argentinean supporters against Namibia and there are going to be much more against Ireland.
  10. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I couldn't care what you think about England going through or not as it's so "fashionable" to not like England, therefore every knobend jumps on the bandwagon against us.
  11. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    Oh, that's a real pity because I do REALLY, REALLY care about EVERYTHING that you say. If you think that we would like England to be knocked out on first round because of fashion I would recommend you a trip to the real world.
  12. Magia Puma

    Magia Puma Guest

    No complot for me.

    About Laporte, it´s normal, always happen in these situations.

    I think that his words will motivate a lot more to the Pumas to beat Ireland.

    (sorry for my english, it´s been a while since my last writing)
  13. Tarasque

    Tarasque Guest

    Complot? what complot? some one is paranoiac... :toss:
    Anyway GO IRELANDE! :cheers:
  14. paco1

    paco1 Guest

    Another thing: A kiwi ref knowing this match will define NZ rivals and the local country`s rival in quarter finals.

    Everything looks pretty obscure to me..

    Regarding the english poster who talks about 80000 french fans singing. There were a lot of English fans singing Swing Low sweet chariot against Pumas in Twickenham last time, too.
  15. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Read the context of the post in response to your own bleatings before flinging yet more mud.
  16. Tarasque

    Tarasque Guest

    Yeah everything...
  17. dreek

    dreek Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I dont know if there are a complot against argentina.
    I'm sure everyone would appreciate that players like Pichot could reach semi-finals rather than ireland 'cause many players play in France and are well-known.
    Argentina, Ireland, Russia, Luxembourg ... the country isnot important but if the french team dont reach the semi finals it would be a real drama for rugby in France and the RWC 'cause French people shouldnot be interested in anymore.
    So no conspiration against someone special but a real problem for the organization ... No France = No interest for rugby ...

    We should wait for the match to see if argentina would be really disadvantaged but i dont think so.
  18. Tarasque

    Tarasque Guest

    btw tell why the complot failed to offer a victory of France Vs Argies?
    And why the refere did 11 or 13 mistakes against France? (official)
    So please enough BS...
  19. paco1

    paco1 Guest

    Maybe, I hope there is no complot.

    Is the IRB offering jobs in this forum ; Everybody seems to be speaking for them. They are THE MAN. :bleh!:
  20. dreek

    dreek Guest

    Tarasque, they won the match !! we should be fair-play.
    We knew exactly what Argentina would do and our players were incapable to face the Argentinian problem and offer them many points.
    Our team and our coach are only responsible for theses games ... Argentian made their match ...

    If France want to win the RWC, our team will have to be able to solve more important problem that the Argentinian one ...
  21. Mr.cyclopede

    Mr.cyclopede Guest

    Thanks Teh Mite,

    I think no complot against argentina, all referees names before the quarter finals are defined for now a long time and are published here and there.

    Can't talk about Laporte's comments, haven't heard them and if someone have an link where we can see that...

    For supporting Ireland, beyond France's interest in their victory, I find that fully natural and logical. Ireland and France have a very similar game and spirit, with a very open, fast and sometimes impredictible game that is recognized and appreciated from I think most of the people all over the world.
    A good illustration of this fact is that all England, our best ennemy, was standing up and supporting us thus before and during the 99's semi final and final against NZ and Australia. I can place a bet that it will happen again if we have to go in Edimbourg.

    Even if it cost us sometimes victories, I'm still proud of the game we're able to produce, same for Ireland.

    PS For Paquirri, before crying after virtual or potential disavantage and referee orientation, what do you think about the eleven judging errors in your favour officially recognized by IRB during Fr/Arg ?
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