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Blood And Mud podcast


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Aug 22, 2016
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Listen to what stuff?


I find them a good background noise for long distance driving, or when I'm working and maybe even just chilling. (Same with E-Books).

I don't often agree with any of the rugby podcasts but it's still good noise filler.

I mean what is it that you gain from reading this forum? Other my vast intelligence and wisdom.

Fair enough, I do the same with audio-books in the car.

Completely get why people would have one they listen to but notsure I could listen to multiple ones though as surely they're all just a slight variation on the same theme?

Fair question regarding this website - I come here for insight from and interaction with people who have intimate knowledge (be it of a particular team or certain discipline, such as reff'ing) and a passion for the game.

Some of the discussions are interesting and also the rumour mill on here is amazingly well informed (that might just seem to be the case because I'm not).

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