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Bod To Stay With Leinster



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O'Driscoll to stay with Leinster 

Brian O'Driscoll was injured during the Lions tour
Brian O'Driscoll will continue to play in Ireland until the end of the World Cup in 2007 after signing a new contract with Leinster.
The Irish captain had been linked with a possible move to French club Biarritz but the IRFU fought hard to keep him.

O'Driscoll has been sidelined by a shoulder injury since June but is expected to return to action soon.

¿My desire from the beginning of this season has always been to play for Leinster and Ireland," said O'Driscoll.

"I am thrilled to remain within the current set up.

"I am now looking forward to getting myself back on the field playing as soon as possible and working with the coaching staff in both Leinster and Ireland for the remainder of the season."

The IRFU described O'Driscoll's commitment to Leinster and Irish rugby as part of ongoing contractual negotiations with international and provincial players.

Philip Browne, the Union's chief executive, said it was important that Brian had pledged his immediate future to Leinster.

"We are determined, where possible, to keep the leading players at home and manage their welfare," said Browne.

"It is, therefore, good to see that a player of Brian's standing in the game has committed himself to both club and country."[/b]

Good news for Leinster, he'll probly go to france after the 2007 WC.
Got to give credit to the IRFU, great achievement in getting him to stay for 1 more year
At least he won't be playing in France before the world cup that's something at least.

Plus they're showing an awful lot of faith in him, who knows when he'll be anywhere near his own form or if he'll even get there, shoulders have a habit of dislocating far easier after the first time. Hopefully a gamble that pays off.
Looks like his 'I'm on holiday, just here to watch the match, (to IRFU: give me more money)' ruse worked.

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