Bok Barry is the 'dirtiest player'

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by stevemagoo, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. stevemagoo

    stevemagoo Guest

    Stormers captain De Wet Barry is the dirtiest player in the Southern Hemisphere, according to a player survey done in Australia.

    Over the last number of weeks the Rugby Union Players Association (RUPA) of Australia visited each of that country's Super 14 teams to survey them on a range of topical issues.

    The findings were first published on the eve of the inaugural Super 14, last Friday (February 10), with 121 full time contracted Australian players giving their views on various aspects of the Super 14 competition.

    It is ironic that the results were first published just a day before Barry was yellow-carded for head-butting Cats lock Willem Stoltz in their First Round Super 14 match at Ellis Park last Saturday.

    But they have now become a talking point again, especially with the Australian Super 14 flag-bearers the Waratahs heading to Cape Town on Wednesday to face Barry's Stormers team in a Round Two match at Newlands on Saturday.

    According to the survey the Cheetahs will finish last in the Super 14, with the Reds and the Cats giving them a run for their money in the race for the wooden spoon.

    The survey also reveals Australians' dislike for all things South African.

    Barry and Bulls lock Bakkies Botha rate as the two dirtiest players.

    The most least liked ground is Loftus Versfeld, the most parochial crowd is the Bulls fans, the most boring city to visit is Pretoria, Tappe Henning is No.2 among the worst referees and no South African features among the top four of most respected opponent.

    The survey also has an interesting contradiction in that Canberra rates among the top four in both the 'Least liked' and 'favourite' grounds.

    RUPA Super 14 Player survey results:

    Most respected opponent (individual from any Super 14 team):
    Umaga 27 percent
    McCaw 16 percent
    Carter 6 percent
    Larkham 6 percent

    Least liked ground:
    Loftus Versfeld (Bulls) 22 percent
    Ballymore 6 percent
    Ellis Park 6 percent
    Canberra 6 percent

    Favourite ground:
    Canberra 24.50 percent
    Aussie Stadium 21.50 percent
    Suncorp 18 percent
    Subiaco 13 percent

    Most parochial crowd:
    Bulls 29 percent
    Brumbies 12 percent
    Cats 10.50 percent

    Biggest hitter/tackler:
    Collins 56 percent
    Tuitupou 12.50 percent
    Oli Avei 4 percent

    Most competitive team-mate:
    Ben White 10 percent
    Richard Brown 9 percent
    Waugh 9 percent
    Latham 7 percent

    Dirtiest player:
    De Wet Barry 14 percent
    Bakkies Botha 12.50 percent
    Troy Flavell 11 percent
    AJ Venter 7 percent

    Wooden Spoon:
    Cheetahs 26 percent
    Reds 22 percent
    Cats 15 percent

    Leading try scorer for 2006 Super 14:
    Rico Gear 16 percent
    Bryan Habana 13 percent
    Tuqiri 12 percent

    Best Australian Player in 2006 Super 14:
    Latham 12 percent
    Smith 12 percent
    Larkham 10 percent

    Australian Rookie of the Year in 2006:
    Tatafu 31 percent
    Digby Ioane 11 percent
    Berrick Barnes 7.50 percent
    Julian Salvi 7.50 percent

    Most boring city to visit during tournament:
    Pretoria 26 percent
    Canberra 17.50 percent
    Jo'Burg 16 percent

    Most feared player:
    Collins 26 percent
    Umaga 10 percent

    Best referee:
    No refs 19 percent
    Matt Goddard 19 percent
    Andrew Cole 17 percent

    Worst referee:
    George Ayoub 21 percent
    Tappe Henning 17 percent
    Brett Bowden 11 percent
    Paul Marks 11 percent
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  3. stevemagoo

    stevemagoo Guest

    Biggest hitter Collins with 56% but only 26% most feared.

    Thought it would have been more
  4. The TRUTH

    The TRUTH Guest

    Amen to that

    easily the dirtiest player in the world
  5. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    ....ouch, didn't think it was that bad....suppose I've never been to Australia to see what they are comparing it to....


    I wonder what the other survey results are like? Steve where did you find this info, would like to have a look at the other results, quite interesting.
  6. stevemagoo

    stevemagoo Guest

    it was an article on RUPA....

    Good to see troy flavell rated third in the list - especially as he
    hasn't even been playing S12 or internationals! Some people must still
    have fresh memories of him from a few years ago!
  7. stevemagoo

    stevemagoo Guest

  8. Rassie

    Rassie Guest

    Hehe, `giant rats` are afraid of some puny islanders and they don`t like Pretoria (the city and the stadium) - i bet this has smth to do with the Loftus announcer that made funny remarks a couple of seasons ago about `ossie`s `sheep molesting` habits :D :D
  9. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Most boring city to visit during tournament:
    Pretoria 26 percent
    Canberra 17.50 percent
    Jo'Burg 16 percent

    Wow! New Zealand didn't get a mention, that's one for the local girls! go you good things.
  10. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    LOL Rassie :lol2tn:

    But seriously I can see why Jo'burg is on the list but Pretoria is a friendly place ( well it used to be before I came to England). Loftus is near the Uni so surely the boys can't complain about the fresh supply of punta.....unless the annoncer was right about the sheep.

    Dumbo's right about the Kiwi birds though...very practical
  11. well if u sth africans lowered your tackling technique then u may be up there with jerry collins and sam the slam tuitupou

    puny islanders? shud have told me that when brian lima knocked the dutch heritage out of derrick hougard
  12. QKXV

    QKXV Guest


    Gotto love you comments Chiro, I simly have no comeback because it is as they say the truth and nothing but
  13. Rassie

    Rassie Guest

    Rugby, you ignorant , it`s all about boots and brains, you, puny islanders, lack brains that`s why you`ll never be able to learn rugby, that`s why your place is at bottom table!

    Rugby in Zuid Afrika is taught in schools from the beginning, you don`t have that in your puny islands, that`s why you suck!

    P.S: By the way, the 3m by 3m house tree does not constitute a school! :D
  14. yeh thats why south africa are below nz in the rankings...oh yeh that allblack team thats half islanders?..yes that team that beat your boks and is currently the best team in the world..

    so you saying new zealand with its 20+ islanders/moaris in the squad are brighter,smarter than youre boks?

    i think so....
  15. Rassie

    Rassie Guest

    You are the living proof that i`m right! You, puny islanders, lack brains!

    First of all, look at the statistics, until 94-95, Die Bokke vs AB`s encounters were in our favor! After the changes (when quota system was installed and the value criteria was no longer important, not to mention other negative changes in our rugby structure due to those f***ed up coloureds ), the balance shifted !
  16. oh here we go again...dam can we hav a convo that doesnt go back into the days of spice girls and bad pop music?...rassie are you stuck in the 90s or something did you read my post at all which pointed out last year which is the year two thousand and fricken 5!!!!!... ya numbskull

    geez youre living proof that man can endure 5000 years of life(although youre brain has rotted away and one of youre eyes or both keep falling out when you read any of my post...)

    quota this quota that...blah blah..takeaway all the black players you have now and line south africa up against a top tier team and you will struggle...youre best attacking weapon bar kicking the ball through the posts is bryan have class black players throughout and they are getting better and better...when watching youre currie cup i see more and more talented blacks in youre comp

    quota blah blah...i agree that the best players should play for the team and there shouldnt be special rules to have a certain amount of natives of africa play...
    but you gotta learn to live with that oldie they learned to live under your stupid nazi rules of old

    altogether now *hits rassie in the head with a guitar at which he responds by mumbling in tru granpa fashion...*and then we sing

    koombya my lord....koobyaaaahhhh
  17. Rassie

    Rassie Guest

    Chiro, does your single brain cell feel alone? You nimrod, i`ve told you onece, i`m telling you again despite the fact that it`s obvious for everybody that you`re a retard and won`t get it!

    The value criteria must be the only one when it comes to sport and not only sport but let`s stick to this domain.

    For instance, you good for nothing lazy bum, Erol Tobias, a kaffer (it`s not a `bad word`, it`s his tribe), played for Die Bokke in the so called `apartheid era`, and he was capped for 15 times. Also was Chester Williams and so on. So would have played also Habana if it was like in the 80`s !

    I repeat it again, the value criteria must prime! Of course, due to the fact that rugby it`s all about boots and brains and we all know coloureds lack the science of the game (the are exceptions which in fact are confirm the rule), you figure it out! But then again you are not too smart then , are you not?

    P.S: That Chiro reminds me of a tsunami joke!

    Q: How does Chiro react when it`s a tsunami alert?
    A: He climbs the tallest tree in the island and throws coconuts at the huge wave to stop it !
  18. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    ROFLMAO!!! :bravo: :bravo: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. wow...rassie your jokes are timeless...litterally old

    i still stand by my allblacks team which defeated you and the rest of the challengers in the world last year..with all 15+ islanders in it..the supposive stupid ones

    you and the rest of the backwards thinking neo nazi morpheus nazi and trinity nazis gotta move up with the rest of the world..interms of politics and other things in your blind country

    i agree like i said....the quota is wrong im against it but im also against racial idiots who dont believe in EQUALITY...what was your thread in the offtopic section suppose to mean anyway???...
    that u are in disgust in blacks? and many of hitlers super race idiots are the reasons to your countries problems

    now back to rugby and please rassie....i know you live in a museum and sleep in a glass case for people to look at you and take a job but please no more history talk and lets talk about today!!!!!

    like 2006....who is the best attacking player in south african rugby?...who scored the majority of tries in your tests last year?..and won one of the few awards at the irb awards?....bryan habana i think it was..yes it was and if ya dickface racist spent more time helping and growing your fellow brothers from all different coloured mothers then maybe one day you will have a strong and friendly culture like nz which creates the friendship and unity between the coloured players in the allblacks who are now the best team in the which the best players play for..all becoz they are happy and the community are happy too

    ask yaself dont want that type of equality for your country?...answer that

    and PLEASE....NO MORE HISTORY TALKS...i know thats all you talk about in ya museum with the other mummies
  20. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    Rassie how can you say this? Is this a fact? Show me the scientific proof that coloured people somehow "lack the science" of the game.
  21. Rassie

    Rassie Guest

    Chiro`s single brain cell: "will have a strong and friendly culture like NZ" - very true, our coloureds are just like your maori, living on goverment welfare while all day long are sitting on the porch doing nothing else than bitching whites! But, then again, you`ll never understand a thing so let`s stick to rugby!

    Yes, Habana is without no doubt a valuable player! He would have played in Die 80`s Bokke squad (or any Bokke squad) and do you know why? Because the `so called `apartheid era` was the one that created and provided all the resources in terms of EQUALITY of chances ! Now, no matter if you have the value to play or not, you are in the team for a `lets promote the colureds no matter what` reason! In fact, but you and other stupid liberals can`t see that all there is to it is to destroy what was left from a four century civilization!

    Second of all, we kicked your arse in Tri Nations last year, we even scored more tries than you. You got lucky to score your winning try in the last minutes of the game, same like two seasons ago when we also scored the winning try in the extratime !

    P.S: By the way, you, the islanders, are guilty for the extinction of the moa bird in NZ five centuries ago! Damn with the Whangerei treaty, let`s get you convicted for the bird ! :bravo: :D

    P.P.S: Quintes, look at our Fortuin for instance! If it wasn`t him we, The Cheetahs, the Vrystaat Oranje, could have won the game !
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