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Break it down!


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Oct 3, 2011
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WORLD RUGBY IS forming a dedicated working group to consider possible law trials around the breakdown.

With the breakdown currently one of the most frustrating and dangerous areas in rugby, with laws regularly broken and ignored, the move by World Rugby is likely to be welcomed by supporters.

The breakdown working group will hold a meeting next week as part of World Rugby's second annual player welfare and laws symposium in Paris.

It's understood that leading coaches including the All Blacks' Ian Foster and former Ireland boss Joe Schmidt will be part of the working group, as will some of the top referees in the game, as well as data and medical experts.

So. Anyone any suggestions?

Or will they generate a load of laws that they will then proceed to ignore?
As much as it pains me to say it, if safety is key you've got to kill the jackal. A good to perfect jackal is impossible to clear safely and legally and the type of clear out needed is illegal and often ignored. So either we keep dangerous player, give the defence an overpowered turnover weapon, or kill it.

If this happens though you'd probably have to commit more players to old school type rucks which will create more space.
INB4 leading coaches are
To be fair would you want Jones in there? He'd probably replace the ruck with a stoppage where possession will be decided entirely based on which team the nearest lock to the ball plays for.
Player safety or all out attacking rugby.

we know which one world rugby will choose and I dont know if it necessarily makes for more exciting rugby.

In my mind. Call holding on quicker but make sure they have two hands on the ball and are clearly supporting their own weight. If they aren't legal they'll get cleared off but they need to reward good defensive play. Right now you can make a good decision but get blown out by 700 pounds and lose the ball. On the flip side guys with their elbows on the floor and a finger tip on the ball are currently winning penalties.
For me.
Tackle is made then no more than 2 players from each side to be involved in ruck plus the tackler and tackled player.
Most likely will result it uncontested at tackle area other than obvious turnover opportunities.
Leaves less space on pitch however.
See no real issue at Maul so will be the ruck area that is looked at.
Less players means clearer views for refs.
Wether enforced or not who knows.

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