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Isn't it curious how Dan Lydiate's career has far outlived Sam Warburton's?

Tooting Carmen

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Sep 18, 2018
I was thinking about this, given how Lydiate has been recalled to the 6N for the first time in around five years. Given that Lydiate has had a series of horrific injuries throughout his career very comparable to Warburton, how has his career still far outlived Warburton's? Could a partial explanation be that Lydiate is more naturally bulky and muscular, whereas Warburton wasn't and all the strain of the training he had to do eventually became unbearable?
Wales Online gushing over Warburton's bench pressing. I still find his fitness (and sex appeal, for that matter) to be rather overrated - otherwise he wouldn't be so injury-prone to the point of retiring at the age of 29 in the first place.

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