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Brian Lara



Whats everyones thoughts of Brian Lara, and him being the new holder of test run scoring.

IMO it couldnt have gone to a more deserved individual.

He has the highest backlift, thus the shortest time to decide and perform a correct stroke
He has battled thru a declining Windie era, yet still managers to post 11,000 runs AND 8 double centuries.

He had less Tests than Waugh, and still has more runs/centuries

And has scored more runs from a losing side than any other player

but the big thing is this

8 double centuries
ONLY BRADMAN has more, and Wally Hammond has 7......thus were's Waugh, Border, Gaviskar in these double tonne stats??

Lara deserves this accolade, in which I hope lifts the Windie community to give this game another crack, so we can fear the YA MAAAN blokes again

Good on ya Brian..........I hope this record stays in tact for as long as it did for AB.
Yeah, really deserved.

Too bad about his team situation, they don't win a hell of a lot - but are improving. Not sure how long he has left at 35.
i think he has a few years left, but i feel that it wont be to long before he is taken over either after he retires or not in the to distant future. tendulkar will get there soon enough he isn't that far behind played one more test but had less innings. if he comes out of this injury half the player he was he will give lara a good show.

also on lara, he has always been one of my fav batsmen, just so flamboyant and thrilling to watch
Brian Lara isn't the top batsmen in the world accoring to the officil ranking. But he is defiantely the top player in my book at the moment.

He has the most test runs ever in history, which includes 8 double centuries.

One figure - 400* - could anyone here imagine the sheer concentration that must have gone into that innings, I don't think so.

I always think a good player in an average team is much better than a good player in a good team. It really makes them put that much more effort into it and to try and lead their team into battle.

Also, I think he is a pretty damn good captain.


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