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  1. Cusker

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    What a season!
    Above any thing i could of exspected think we suprised a few people this season. I don't like David White one bit after what he has done(family issue) and personaly i think he is wrecking the club i love getting rid of good players like Danny Gray and bring in New Zelanders. Personaly i think he is i it for the money and we will fall from grace like when we last whent down.So for me the real test is this coming season with Europe and league demands on the players. They now think they are better than they are which is a very bad thing.

    Your Views???
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  3. Prestwick

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    My opinion? If Bristol spend their summer preparing like they did last summer (they did a really intensive fitness and skills camp all through the summer last year) then they'll manage to stay in the Top six somewhere. Its so competitive now that the top six teams are only separated by a single point or two.

    Patience is the watch-word, Brizza had sold out crowds throughout the season so finances should be in good health, just hold firm for another couple of seasons and slowly build :)

    By the way, Cusker, have you posted a "hello" post yet? I don't think you have!
  4. Cusker

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    I have ages ago
  5. Prestwick

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    Did I post a Captain Birdseye welcome?
  6. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    Ummm don't think so
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