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BYE - Brumbies & Cats



Round 8 - Brumbies (4th on the ladder) and the Cats (13th) get to sit this one out.
the force..from my view are a way better team than the cats...

i just feel so sorry for them

brumbies get a deserved rest aswell..i still reckon chiefs got cheated with that handling in the ruck in the 78th minute...right in front of the post

but if ya get away with it..its fair game,good hustling
Yeah... fancy that though - the Brumbies almost went down to the Chiefs... that would have been very very sweet.
chiefs are finding form...theyve got the talent but i dunno..they suffering from previous campaigns...i stil believe they can crack that 4th spot if they finish better

donald is having his worse rugby season yet..he was very good in previous npc's but his decision making is very poor

id still have him in instead of lavea in our team
Brumbies need to work on their defence, and start flowing more in attack. Also lineout throwing needs to improve.

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