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Cairns to retire from internationals



Well just saw on tvnz that Cairns is going to announce is retirement from all international cricket sometime today. this is a huge blow for the nz team as Cairns is one of the best all rounders in the world and his wealth of experince will be missed. he will play for canterbury for the rest of this season but won't play in the series against the west indies and it is believed he will have contract in county cricket in england once the nz domestic season is ovver.


Star Black Caps allrounder Chris Cairns is about to announce his retirement from all international cricket.

Chris Cairns will see out the current season with Canterbury, but won't play in the West Indies series next month, a major loss for the John Bracewell building towards the 2007 World Cup.
Good riddins, I've always hated him with a passion. I always feel he got into the team for his ability to do something match winning once in every 20-25 games. Which obviously isn't enough. Although he does have reasonable stats (for a New Zealander) which I will never understand how.

A kid that was supposed to have heaps of potential and talent and would be a world beater in the future. That future never came.
How is it a major loss when he has only just come back into the side after being dropped and didn't really fire at all.
because of what he can do with bat and ball plus his experince as well. but maybe now with the like of fultion how coming through the damage won't be as bad. but oustide oram bond and mills not much in the meduim-fast bowling ranks. franklin and martin have been tried bu martin just can't cut it in odis and franklin is not consistient enough. slow bowling is fine have astle vettori styris and patel. cairns could fill the back up role behind the main bowlers nicely is departure leave a big hole in the bowling ranks.
Bring back Harris!

But yeah, I don't know who they're going to be looking at to fill his bowling void. Tuffey perhaps? How's he going in the State Shield?
who knows maybe they will keep trying with franklin. don't know about tuffey not sure how hes been doing but hes had off the field issues and also plauged with injuries this year.
I don't see it as a huge gap to fill. I'd have:


Then have somebody like Patel as the super sub. I think we could use 20 overs of spin in an ODI. If however we have to bowl first, use the three seemers (Bonds, Mills and Oram) in rotation for the first 20 overs, have slower bowlers (Vettori, Styris, Astle) bowl through the middle stages and then bring back the seamers for the last 10.
interesting team no room for vincent in the side. and astle at 5 don't know about that at all. yeah don't know if 3 seamers would really work that well.

really limits what they can do with 2 of them proabbly having to bowl 7 overs straight at the start with the third bowling around 6 or so as first change in tandem with someone else. also they would be no option to bring them back before the last 10 because they only have enough for the last 10.

the supersub would defintely be patel or someone that can at least bowl something so that flexibilty can be given to the seam attack.

the otherside to the coin is that if say franklin was in the team it would proabbly mean someone like how would miss out altogether as its pointless having him as the supersub. astle would proabbly work as supersub nicely as he can bowl and bat very well. harris would be the ultimate supersub bring him on at nearly any time in the match and he would be useful.

my team would proabbly be like this

supersub harris or patel
yeah i found this info out on sunday,

also another reason why bondy wont be playing for canterbury this week is he had another kid, thats 2 (dont know if anyone else knew that)
Harris's bowling isnt as good as it used to be and he isnt that consistent just like Cairns now.
Thats a good team Esoj, Andre Adams isnt a contender anymore?
hes not great but hes a lot better than every considering Tuffey...thankgod either of them arent there, id put Patel ahead of Mills and place him as the sub, NZ cricket needs a bit of a renovation now that players like Cairns and soon to be Fleming in the next couple of years are retiring
adams is out injured at the moment and therefore is down the pecking order a bit. he would be another option for super sub.
i dont thik adams would be very good as a super sub as he bowls and bats. if he was the sub what would you do? you need him to bowl (if you are going to put him into the team) but you would like to have him at the tail as well just in case he gets in with a few runs to get. he is good in the tight situations.

where you have patel, who isn't exactly the best batsman around, he wouldn't be very good down the bottom of the order, so you let him have a bowl and thats it.

this super sub role is crap anyway
excatly why adams is good as super sub. he can be put in either in batting or bowling. if the chase is going bit bad or runing out of regular batsmen then you can sub him in for someone like bond who isn't the greatest with the bat. and then with bowling just sub him in for some one like fulton. the super sub rule is crap for sure because you have to name them before the toss which means if you lose the toss your supersub will neither be unused or you have to bring him in earlier than expected
oh yes the beige is back. I would be going but have to go to a family dinner thing so may be limited to watching it on the box. I would so go if I could. time to play some blic I think

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