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Capcom Gamers Day



Well, Capcom is certainly feeling flush recently. So much so, they had a little do in London. And with it, plenty of new announcements and confirmations of long rumoured ***les. So, let's list them all shall we?
  • Street Fighter IV (no systems confirmed)
    Yes, a new Street Fighter. Mind, given there were three different iterations of Street Fighter III, three of Street Fighter Alpha, three EX ***les and four of Street Fighter II, this is the fifteenth iteration of the series... trailer can be found here, but absolutely nothing about gameplay, or indeed, anything else, is confirmed via it. We don't even know if it'll be 2D or 3D. Beautiful graphics mind. Remind me of Okami. Speaking of which...
  • Okami (Wii)
    It's been much rumoured and Capcom have finally confirmed it - Okami is headed to the Wii and is due to be released Spring 2008. It's an absolutely f***ing amazing game and if none of you buy it (either the PS2 version - out now - or this Wii version), I will personally kick you in the nuts. Twice.

  • Bionic Commando (360, PS3, PC)
    Despite the ***le, it's actually a sequel to the NES original (or its GB remake. or its GBC pseudo-sequel). However, because its being developed in the West, they've angst the story and x-treeeemed it up a bit. As Nathan Spencer, you are framed for crimes you did not commit by the government. Sentenced to death, your only salvation is a nuclear explosion being triggered, forcing the government to turn to you for help. See? One of the most generic and crap stories i've ever heard. Yawn.

  • Lost Planet (PS3)
    What do you want me to say? It's a port of the 360/PC version, and will come with all the maps offered to these two systems via DLC. It'll appear "early 2008". That's about it. Moving on...
  • Commando 3 (360, PS3)
    It's a sequel to the 80's arcade ***le. It's also being handled by Backbone Emeryville, responsible for the recent Yaris XBLA ***le that was so bad, giving it away for free seemed to be an offense to people's senses. Hopes are not high.
Aaaaaaaand thats appears to be yer lot. Obviously i'll update this should any other news spill out over the next few days. Still, Okami eh?
wow okami for the wii awesome. I have heard many good things about the ps2 version so proabbly will be getting this when it comes out on the wii
Minor update:
  • Dark Void (no systems confirmd)
    Yes, a new IP! Whoda thunkit? Due sometime "next winter", it's being handled by a new studio called Airtight Games. Most of the talent seems to come from people who worked on Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, a fun dogfighting game. The description suggests it'll entail "fast-paced mid-air and on-foot combat". So, err, dogfighting.
And that appears to be everything now. They talked about a bunch of other games, but all of the rest have been previously announced (i.e. Devil May Cry 4, RE: Umbrella Chronicles, We Love Golf!, Rocketman, Talisman, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and Zack and Wiki) and nothing was really revealed about any of them beyond what is already known. Capcom have stuck up plenty of pictures and stuff on their blog for those that care.

All that and still no European date for Trials and Tribulations...