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Cardiff Blues linked with Ginger Kiwi

Does he suffer Ginger-vitus?

Sorry...very cheesey, I know. They did a whole South Park episode on that.

He's quite good. I know he'll be missed at Taranaki.
I'd like to know more about this.
I wouldn't have thought that that signing would actually happen, because ***o always looked like he may have a shot at getting in the NZ squad. Am i wrong?

But, obviously, if he moves to Cardiff then there is NO chance he'll get a test place.

Would he really make the move?
It would be a good signing if he does.
The deal is for next season when cardiff lose a few player for the world cup
he's better than ure current locks. [/b]

That would make him better than himself then?

Hold way-to-drag-up-a-two-year-old-thread Batman.


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