Carney switches to RU

Discussion in 'Super League / Northern Hemisphere' started by goranski, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. goranski

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  3. Gobshite. Can't stand the bloke.
  4. melon

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  5. wigan_rlfc

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    He's retired to Rugby Union. I think thats what he must have meant.
  6. I've never followed Rugby League closely enough to know much about the players. How good is Carney? Do you guys think he will be useful to Munster or have a chance of getting gametime for Ireland?
  7. melon

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    Compared to the fastest Union players in internationals (lets say there are a 10/10) I'd say Carney is an 8, which isn't overly fast, just fast enough to be a good winger.

    His fend is pretty good and is actually quite deceptive in the way that his run is very upright and poncey like.
  8. shtove

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    And what do Australia think of him? Didn't he destroy them one day, and let them in for an easy try the next?
  9. melon

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  10. shtove

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    I think he played wing in the 2004 Tri-Nations, when GB beat the favourites Australia in the early rounds. It was an awesome performance from him. But then GB got slaughtered by Aus in the final, and he didn't look so awesome.
  11. melon

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    Yeah, he's nothing overly special.
  12. mimic

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    Yeah, he's not special, but he's deceptively strong. He can easily make breaks, and he might actually do well in Rugby.

    Good luck to him
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