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Sep 17, 2009
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Was just browsing cars. Don't have the cash but might buy an upgrase and well can anyone let me know of their experiences good or bad with any make/model.

And any recommendations along with prices etc.
VW Golf = Great

Mitsubishi Pajero = Engine explodes.
Had a golf before and well it just died on me engine went and that was despite bringing to different mechanics and none finding anything wrong. You could be doing 6omph and car would just cut out.

Was actually looking at Pajero but engine size too big so can't afford tax. Would love a jeep though
That's a lie...There is nothing wrong with Golfs ever , you were obviously sold a cheap substitute under the guise of a mighty golf...
To be fair it probably fact I had trouble with 1 that I feel "iffy" about them. Don't hear much trouble to be fair.

Was looking at Land Rover Freelander then checked reviews - Ouch they seem to just be a nightmare.
If you're serious about a Jeep take a look at some Toyotas the auld lad got one a while back and it's a wonderful machine.
What ones Rav 4 and yeah I'd love jeep but can't go too high on engine as tax is a joke. Probably go as high as 2.2

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