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Chabal V Johnson Death Match

chabal is not a great player. ok it's a strong man but he loose a lot of ball
chabal lets these blasphamous rumours to be spread to test our faith but be warned he will not always forgive
The fact Chabal is winning has annoyed the Australian Cricket Team..

They look angry guys..
well d'habitude I prefer all things French over English but in this case it's like comparing a cheap bottle of Côte du Rhône with a decent bottle of Chateau Neuf du Pape and unfortunately for the bearded lady he's the dodgy bottle of Côte du Rhône.

In other words Chabal isn't fit to wipe the boots of Johnno, that's my 2 cents.

EDIT - Holy **** what's wrong with this poll
Good question. :)

Would be great fun to see if the makers of the "Celebrity Death Match" series could/would do this. :)

Personally I voted for Johnno.
Chabal is a monster. Only chuck norris would beat chabal.
Norris is a hack, he was defeated by Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon. (I think that was the name)

Now Chabal v Bruce Lee would be one to pay money for....Bruce Lee in the day btw, not a zombie version. :p

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