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University Survey about the Viewer Experience of a Live-Rugby match


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Jul 30, 2020
Hello guys,

thanks for clicking on my first post here, my name is Daniel, I am a 22 year old, half german and scottish student living in Germany.
I study in a field called "Computervisuals and Design" and for a sixth-term project at University (one term before my bachelors) I am in need of your help!

This survey is about the perception of the viewer experience of a Live-Rugby match and is supposed to find out if there could be a way to enhance the overall experience by, for example, involving modern technology.

I am a great Scotland Rugby fan and have visited Murrayfield in Edinburgh several times. Because Rugby isn't a well know sport in Germany, I based my project around Murrayfield stadium and therefore need your international help (basically nearly no one knows anything about Rugby here, so there's no reason to ask locals).

The survey will roughly take you 5 mins if you are willing to participate.

All the collected Data is anonymous. It could occur that I take down this post after I have enough participants or I notice that I need to make changes to the survey.

Here is the link:

I do hope I am not violating any TheRugbyForum ToS, I didn't read anything in the rules that said I can not post a survey. If there are any further questions, please do ask.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.

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