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Champions Cup on terrestrial TV from 2018

I think it's more about getting US fans into the Pro14. It will never work, pointless. Spain and Germany are better targets.

If they want to do that - then have the US eagles take on a Pro14 select (or Pro14 champs).

A (regular) pre-season tournament and way to grow the game.

Pro14 champs
PremierHype champs
T14 champs
US eagles
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Gotta say, I'm impressed with Channel 4's contributions so far.

Saw there was a 30min show on this morning, presumed it'd be highlights from last nights, or last rounds, games, but it was interviews with a bunch of players and coaches, a vlog from Billy Vunipola about his injury, and the history of Munster vs Gloucester including the story of the 2003 game. Really good show.

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