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  1. Stormers

    Stormers Guest

    Out of curiousity I think it would be interesting if everyone list what they have won and on which difficulty setting...

    I have won the 6 Nations (Easy, Normal, Hard)
    Super 12 (Normal)
    World League (Div 3) (Normal)
    World League (Knockout Cup) (Normal)

    Will play my last 2 Div 3 games tonight and start Div 2 hopefully just after midnight (he he)

    Anyway lets see what else have been won...
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  3. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    won world cup (hard)
    tri nations (hard)
    10 nations (hard)

    half way through 6nations with wales (i will win) (hard) [​IMG]
  4. maddog79

    maddog79 Guest

    compared to u guys i suck.
    Tri nations - Normal
    World Cup - Normal

    thats it!
  5. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    Tour of SA on normal. I've went NS Ospreys and Newcastle in European Cups and have been knocked out by Wasps and Leicesters respectively, got knocked out of Super 12 semis with chiefs by the crusaders.
  6. USA_Rugby

    USA_Rugby Guest

    I've won:
    European Trophy
    World Cup
    Lions Tour (all 3)
    Tri Nations
    Six Nations
    Ten Nations
    Div. 3 World League
    WL Knockout Cup
    All on Normal! I'm so verry close to having every trophy....
  7. I have won all of them on easy apart from the super12, and Div 1, i have just started Medium World league and have made it into second place on equal points to top spot, and 1 game to go.

    And Perpignan who is top has got glasgow next so im hoping glasgow win.

    Only time will tell. [​IMG]
  8. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    All on normal:
    World Cup, Ten Nations, Tri Nations, Bledisloe Cup, Six Nations, Euro Trophy, Super 12, All Lions Tours, Knockout Cup, World League div 3.
  9. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    on Normal:

    on Hard:
    almost near the end of the S12... and killing it, haven't dopped a match with the tahs at round 11 and have got a bonus point in all but one match... hard ain't so hard anymore.
  10. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    All except european trophy on hard.
  11. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Just started playing hard cos i just need div 1 to fill normal cabinet. On hard i've already won Tri Nations and Bledisloe Cup.
  12. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i dont play normal anymore

    on hard

    division 3
    division 2
    division 1
    tri nations...but no bledisloe...............YET!!!!
    6 nations
  13. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I think this needs to be qualified.....

    This is b/c some people will save games and then resume continuosly until they win which is rubbish IMO.

    If I get knocked out, I get knocked out...that's it. Start again.....makes the game much more awesome b/c there is more pressure and anxiety etc....I trust this is what you all mean - otherwise, no offense, but they don't count.


    - Super 12 normal

    then went straight to hard =

    - Super 12 (Hard) - knocked out S-final narrowly by Brumbies, then 2nd time round by Stormers (!) - I was down by 4 and went the whole length of the field with frantic interpassing (Blues)...only to dive over - fist the air....and seconds later realise I hadn't scored!!!?? WTF! There is a turn-over and I have lost when they boot it out successfully....I check replay and was picked up about 1 millimetre from the ground a metre inside the in-goal area whilst diving horizontally and hurled upwards, backwards and outside of the line by again about a centimetre or two...It's a game of inches I guess. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] - I will be back.

    - Won WC - NZ (Hard) - beat FRance - QF, Australia - SF, South Africa - Final (who had, thank christ, beaten England in the other semi!!)

    - Won Tri-nations (HARD) - bonus point four tries every game, won all 4 so captured the Bledisloe

    - Lost semi-final of European Trophy with Munster (Hard) - was undefeated and perhaps complacent (!!).....quite fun set-up for series though and did not have a superpower team..I was bundled out by Leicester or Toulouse - can't quite remember.

    - Currently 3rd in Ten nations (Hard) after four games with a demolition of Ireland, Scotland and Italy with bonus points for four tries in each...but was brought down to earth with a thud against England....****!!...but they have lost to is still all on in the hood! [​IMG]

    Play the game every now and then and it's fun. Don't thrash it.
  14. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    I have had the game for a while now but not had the chance to over play it.

    The best I have done is got to the semi final of the world cup on hard ( as England)

    Beat Aus 15 - 10 in the quarter final only to get beaten 12 - 3 by N-ZL in the semi's

    Then went on to play France for third place play off and had great match. Beaten 21 -15 v exciting. France scored a great full length of the field try, and I scored two beauties. I think this game it great on single player!
  15. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I know what u mean man

    it aint my fault the game megafreezes on me

    in which all games i did lose i can re-write history
    and vice versa games i won i could now lose

    but in the end it was always the prior, due to the extra practise and different game tactics as i approach a match i lost originally

    none of this would happen of course if they didnt release a game with the megafreeze virus!!!!

    i have never rort saved in finals or knockout matches
    but if the game freezes, i have no choice but to re-do the last few matches, and everytime it turns out the better, coz its a re-run and i know what to do 2nd time around in regards to tactics...........i can only blame the game itself.
  16. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    I don't know how you guys lose on hard aye? All you have to do is hammer the first reciever and you keep sending them backwards.
  17. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    I have PS2, admitedly with component cables (so no flicker etc) isn't the game might need a new PS2 or xbox or whatever..

    When I first put it on...I played 17 games in a row (20 minutes long each) and it never froze.

    In fact after about 60 - 70 games...mostly in has never frozen...or flickered....or anything...

    Do other games of yours freeze etc? [​IMG]
  18. ak47

    ak47 Guest



    me and my mates have all copped it with Rugby 2005, and all other HB titles (dont get me started with cricket 2004 when u got past 500 runs in a test)

    there's even a thread with about 10 posts with people that have copped the HB virus

    its not the console
    its the developers scetchy programming

    to put it in perspective
    i have GT4 and have raced 2 x 24hr races in B-spec mode (game mode where the race is simulated based on pit instuctions from myself)
    thats 48hrs straight just for those 2 races
    and i have had the ps2 going for 4 days straight doing other endurance races in B-spec mode
    and the ps2 has NOT frozen on GT4 after 4 days straight of the console being on.

    Half Baked Studios are to blame - not the console!

    my ps2 is also slimline new for 4 months now and its debut moment of freezing came courtesy of rugby 2005!

    make what u will with this info, but HB studios past record, and 4 days straight on GT4, put the accusation thats its my console to dust!!!!!!!!!
  19. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Well I believe you of course...but is that good or bad news?

    Mine is sweet. Maybe you should get cables or send it back? Cos it sure as hell ain't a prob with this copy.
  20. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i'll just put up with saving more often than not

    thought about the cables but need the new TV first

    maybe for ps3 or whatever holds on the horizon
  21. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Yeah I see what you mean....

    I reckon you should save for if it freezes...but then if you lose, you should delete the file or overwrite it and instead start again if you's probably too habitual now to stop.

    But I notice that I seem to like this game much more than most (I'd give it a 9 out of 10) despite repeated play and all against AI so far, and I have always played the "if you lose you're out" rules....There were plenty of games I couldn't possibly have come back in had I known I could start again, that I did simply b/c I knew it was lose and you're gone.....massive half-time psyche-ups....edge-of-the-seat after the whistle full-field drives to win games with tries and drop-kicks.....pain-ful, heart-wrenching last-second losses that have created rivalried and NEMESIS match-ups that really lift the intensity....when I pay a good team with the ABS....I watch the haka still...b/c I NEED the lift......

    As far as I am concerned not doing this destroys much of the game's enjoyment, mystique and shelf-life. That's just IMO. Certainly this is much easier to do, if you had the gaul to play this way from the start.
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