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change of position?



Hi all.
I was wondering if it's a good idea to switch positions for me.
(I broke my right ankle on two places.)
So, from tighthead (with my weaker ankle outside) to looshead..

What do you think?
-keep at tight
-go to loose?
The biggest difference between tighthead and loosehead isn`t in the ankles mate, but in the technique required. Granted, it`s probably a lot easier to move from tighthead to loosehead than from loosehead to tighthead, but still- your binding arm changes, your angle of entry (no, no, no, this is NOT a sexual statement!) on the engage changes, all of a sudden you`ve got to get the "long bind" over your opponent in order to minimise his chances of getting the right shoulder- provided the ref allows this. So it`s a completely different ballgame at 1 than at 3.

On the plus side, it`s much easier to be a powerful scrummaging 1 than a 3. Remember that the 3 has to take pressure from both the 1 and 2, whereas you`ll get support from your hooker when going for the "roll" on 3. Plus your hooker can also "bore in" on the opposition 3, provided the ref allows it.

Another point to consider- seeing as you`ll be required to basically do less work during the actual scrummaging itself, plus you`ve got a quicker route out of the scrum once it`s over, you`ll be required to get around the park a bit more, make more tackles, hit more rucks and carry the ball up more if you`re playing loosehead. So if you do make the shift, maybe look at spending less time in the gym doing squats, and more time on short, sharp sprints.
I think if you haven't played loosehead before, it is always useful to know the correct technique for both 1 and 3 (just incase you need to switch as a substitute), so I think you should go for it.

If you have played loosehead before, and prefer tighthead, stay at tighthead; if your right ankle is too sore from the amount of pressure on the tight side, then you should switch to the loosehead position until its feeling better.

Hope this helped.

(btw, BokMagic, awesome post!)
Mate give up on the front row and switch to 6, 7 or 8 or better yet switch to football for a year or so and you can run your ankle back to perfection - plus you can make more money out of it.
by the time your ankle is healed up and back to good and you can start liftin on it again, it wont be weak anymore

give it some time, and dont worry yourself to much over it for the time being!
As a loosehead myself, I'd advice you to switch to the loosehead. Why?

1. Weak ankle means you might not be able to handle the pressure from both hooker and the loosehead. Therefore you might collapse, or not able to push in the scrum as much.

2. Loosehead has much less pressure from the opposition. It feels more like playing flanker in the scrums, not too much pressure from the opposition.

3. As i am right handed, i bind with my right hand. I have much more balance in the scrum (no matt dunnings!) so collapsing the scrum wouldnt be a problem.

Also to take note: watch where your going to hit in the scrums. I usually take my headgear off as soon as it starts to get in the way when im engaging.
I think you'll find the actual effort of scrummaging a heck of a lot easier on the loosehead side, as it's a two vs one situation (loosehead and hooker against the tighthead). As Bokmagic has pointed out the technique is entirely different and may not suit you, only one way to find out though.

If you do make the switch to loosehead, don"t be like most the the lazyarses I seen over the years - don't keep your noggin outside the tighthead all day, fine if your taking a breather with a midfield scrum, otherwise don't open up your right shoulder prior to contact. This enables you to get under the tighthead's chest and give him hell all day. You might get pinged by the ref, but you're there to compete right?

Ever noticed most club teams have a surplus of loosehead props and not enough tighthead props?, it was a scenario I was well used to in my playing days, and a trend common in the teenagers I coach.

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