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Change of scoring system

I certainly agree with the intent (obviously excluding the safety thing).
Reducing the value of a penalty might bring up some issues.
The IRB isn't averse to using trials for this sort of thing though, so it could be figured out before being implemented.
If your team thinks they are going to be carded instead of just giving up 3 points though, that could balance things out.
And I have another idea about the points of DG. That is different points in accordance with the place from which the ball is kicked.

From within 22m area -- 1 point
From the area between 22m and halfway line -- 2 points
From the area between halfway line and 22m line -- 3 points
From the area between 22m line and goal line -- 4 points
From the ingoal -- 5 points

Will there be a player who can kick a DG from his own ingoal in the next 100 years?

Sige I agree with you and the kicker has the option to take it back as far as he wants to get the extra points. It will add to the drama of the kicks. Imagine where he has to take it back to win the game.also introduce a shot clock with 50 seconds to kick the goal. Beeping in the last 10 seconds. The spectators will love it.
actually I agree with the:
Try 5
Conversion 3 (now 2)
PG 2 (now 3)
DG 2 (now 3)

For me:

Try: 5
Conversion: 2

I would recommend reducing the PG a point

The drop goal is a dying art form. I love drop goals. Obviously, they're not tries, but we shouldn't diminish the value of the drop goal when they're already so far in decline, even if I've seen a few more start of this season, for whatever reason

I agree with this part, the drop is an art. And it's very difficult to achieve, so we should not diminish its value. Now I don't think the same of PG.

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no, I've exposed my final figures in some thread recently...

Try: 6
Conversion: 2 Total:8
Drop Goal: 3
Penalty: 2
no, I've exposed my final figures in some thread recently...

Try: 6
Conversion: 2 Total:8
Drop Goal: 3
Penalty: 2

That is eerily reminiscent of the scoring trialed in SA"s varsity cup except it was 5 points for a try and 3 for the conversion which 'rewarded' a well-taken try under the posts.

For the most part I see it as successful but don't know if I'd be for it in test rugby. The other trial I think was very successful and it gave captains the opportunity to ask for a TMO referral. If their referral was successful they'd keep the right to refer. They had 1 referral per half so if they made a mistake in the 10th minute it wasn't a train smash. It worked a treat for refering foul play and the ref's made the calls on tries knowing that if the captain felt something was amiss in the lead up to the try he'd ask for referral so it actually saved time to a certain extent so that the refs aren't referring every single try themselves. A number of would-be bad calls and tough tries were overturned like that.
My biggest concern with reducing a penalty kick is that teams will begin to infringe more, unless referees are prepared to use cards as necessary.

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