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Cheetahs added to Challenge Cup

Yeah, it should stir things up.

But rugby wise, will they have another franchise-level competition to take part in addition to the Challenge Cup? I fear that they will be heavily under-cooked during the EPCR competition. Whilst the Lions, Lyon and Gloucester will have the URC, Top 14 and Premiership respectively.

Also, I'm not sure they have the depth or resources to be ***le contenders. But I am happy for them and well done to the administrators/stakeholders that made it possible.
Looks like only 4 group matches, which would not be enough.
They need more competition
I can't be bothered with the details ot arithmetic, but there are suggestions the Challenge Cup being expanded for the Cheetahs may create room for one or two additional sides. Presumably either from the Rugby Europe Super Cup or from this Cheetahs Intercontinetal Shield / Toyota Challenge.

There had better be a pathway for Europe outside of the 6N unions, but despite being called the "European" PCR I wouldn't bet a penny on it.
Well there are 5 English, 6 French and 8 URC qualified so adding 1 more would give 20 teams, 4 groups of 5, 4 group matches, followed by group winners and 4 teams from Champions cup to play quarter finals.
Can we just take a moment to acknowledge that whatever his personal failings, Jurie Roux can play his hand pretty damn well. If the Welsh do drop a side in the URC I imagine Bloemfontein will be announced as a new Welsh region. :p
Are there many vaalleeees on the highveld?

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