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chip kick



i have seen the computer chip the ball ova my defnces as a little chip kick, its not an up and under because its low and not a punt because it goes too short can anyone tell me how to do this. i have the xbox version.
thank u in advance,
Noticed this too but havent found a way of doing in apart from as a set play. Im sure I have seen the cpu do it during general play though.

If there is a way to do one in general play I would be very surprised as Ive tried everything.
As far as i know the only way officially is via a set play but It is possible to play a short punt kick if you can get the angle right. Out of interest has any one ahd any major success doing this (either form the set play or open play) everytime i try i lost possession. mayb my players just arnt fast enuf
i've done it twice, and not from a set move, and i don't how i did it, it was a fluke. I think i may have pressed the grubber kick button, but the trajectory arrow didn't appear and the kick was short and over the opponent (chip kick). Will try and figure out how i did it later ....
i did the chip kick when you do a set move the icons above the backs head, press the button over the fly halfs head and he should do a chip. i think on PS2 its triangle, not a clue for xbox. go on training and try it.
its classic, then for ps2 triangle, just try the button over the flyhalf's head. ive scored about 3 or 4 tries off it
Need some help...

This one has been confusing me. I assumed (the mother of all ...) that the directional arrow of the wind in the bottom of the screen was in relation to the direction in which one was kicking the goal.

However I was playing in 30km winds, you'd kick off and the ball would be hardpressed to go the 10m if there was any significant arc on it. I'm going into the wind, fine. Then why when I was kicking a conversion was the arrow pointing towards the posts, as if the wind was at my back?

This has perplexed me... I also can figure out the direction that it is pointing either.

Perhaps years of madden's wind indicator have rendered me inable to make out this simple aspect.

In any event any help that could be rendered would be greatly appreciated.


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