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chip kicks

I dont but I went up a ranking on this board HOW COOL IM GRASSROOTS but i want to know that aswell
It works on set plays when u select the player with the ball already. he will chip kick it.....try it
U do a set play from a ruck/scrum. (classic or pivot or watever)
when it WORKS and the icons above the players heads the player who you pass to first (from the ruck) i think its triangle ps2? not sure about xbox/pc. He will then chip kick it because he has no one to pass to
Check the set play thread as I posted in there about what the classic plays do, but here is the answer to your question. To chip and charge pick Classic set play (Left on D pad) then hit Y(Xbox) [Triangle ?PS2]. The flyhald will chip teh ball to the backs. You can also hit the white button to do an Up and Under kick (Pink/Purple kick arrow). (no idea what that would be on PS2.)

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