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Clearing Kicks



Struggling to get any kicks off at the moment, as the AI is on to me too quickly! The kicking animation seems slow...or is it just me??
I've had that a wee bit in the couple of games i've played so far. Can you drop the 10 into the pocket? Also discovered box kicks by accident too, although not sure if you can direct them.
after a ruck/maul/scrum press L2 to put your flyhalf deep and then press it again to pass the ball back to him (i think if you hold it continuously it also works)

... it gives you more time, tho I think its in the training section if you look at it there - helps for drop goals more then anything
Yeah, I didn't realise this until I went deep into the control menus.

Very useful to know. I kept on trying the old WCR method which resulted in heaps of box kicks.

Also another one I didn't know was using circle to get the number 8 to pick it up from the back of a scrum.

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